2 instances of OBS Studio on Integrated Graphics and GPU for church service


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I read in some forums (including here) that you cannot use 2 GPUs at the same time in streaming. I'm just hoping for that slim chance that an integrated graphics and a GPU might work at the same time. Here is my supposed plan:

In our church we have 2 projector screens placed front of the congregation, separated by the altar (shown on FIGURE 1), and we are also planning to buy a desktop computer (specs shown on FIGURE 2) for use on livestreaming and recoding the Mass and for display (songs, graphics, etc.) inside the church. Our PC will have three monitors, all plugged into the GPU (1 for main desktop; 1 for the multiview; and 1 for the livestream preview, which might split as well if our Parish plans to buy HDTVs for the crowd overflow outside); whilst the 2 projectors will connect to the integrated graphics, which we are planning to merge via Collage Mode/Combined Display so that by having 2 displays working as one, we have an easier control on the projector screens whenever we want to display something that looks seamless or mirrored or have them display different images with the advantage of controlling them at once instead of opening 2 instances of OBS Studio for both displays (shown on FIGURE 3).

With the given case, we will have to open 2 instances of OBS Studio - 1 for the livestream (1st instance), and 1 for the church display (2nd instance) (I am actually doing this method with my laptop, which luckily, has 2 monitor outs but are running perhaps on the same graphics card). Can I operate and record the livestreamed instance from the 1st instance (wherein the GPU is used) and the parish view from the 2nd (with the integrated graphics uesd)? Will they work well and not cause errors on the system? And also, is it possible for the 2nd instance to display the livestream preview from the 1st instance, and if I open any program for playing back video (such as another OBS Studio or VLC), can it be window-captured to the 2 OBS Studio instances if we want to show the video to both inside the church and on livestream?

Thank you in advance for answering.

FIGURE 1, that's how the screens are positioned (the one on the right side has a tarp attached though)

FIGURE 2, this is what we want to achieve with the projector screens

FIGURE 3, I got this from a computer store, they sell the computer as a bundle. Also, is an i5-10400 better than AMD RYZEN 5 3600 (w/o integrated graphics) in terms of speed and performance or otherwise?


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I don't get why using 2 instances of OBS. And with decent setup, I could see running all of 1 GPU.

As for PC specs:
- What you don't mention is how long you want this system to last? If 4K streaming becomes mainstream in 3 years, will you be ok buying a new PC or do want what you get now to still work? etc. Then what type, if any, vendor support are you looking for?
- For GPU encode offload, you want a Turing NVENC, so typically a GTX 1650 Super or better [per original release specs]
- a 250GB NVMe SSD is perfect for C:\, but you'll want something larger for archiving your recordings [I've got a 1TB HDD for such]
- 16GB RAM is fine for now, for long term, if doing video editing on this PC as well, etc, I'd go for 32GB RAM. You can upgrade later
- *IF* you expect 4+ years life out of this system, as I did, then I'd recommend a 8core/16thread CPU (overkill for today, but not in 4 years)
- and make sure you budget for an auto-voltage regulating battery backup power supply (under-voltage does more damage than spikes in many parts of the world).

For me, knowing I won't always be around, and not counting on tech expertise of other volunteers, I got a Tier 1 business class PC with onsite NBD support and local language support team, which costs a few hundred $$, but well worth it in long run for our environment.
I'd have MUCH preferred a Ryzen 5xxx CPU, but couldn't get that in a business class PC a year ago with that CPU and what else I desired, the compromise was getting an Intel i7-10700K instead. For baptisms, funerals, etc, I also got a DVD burner in the PC to be be able to provide that upon request.

The other consideration was the monitors. I'm using PowerPoint for the service bulletin, and I'm recording at 1080p (streaming at 720p for now). As such, to maintain resolution, with Title bars, etc, I got 2 monitors one that is 1440p (Main OBS control screen, also have livestream monitoring, PPT, etc) with NDI PTZ controls on 2nd 1200p monitor. Both monitors are DisplayPort, so I could run a single long USB cable for keyboard and mouse, and a single fiber-optic Display Cable to drive all monitors up in Pipe Organ/Choir loft, with streaming PC left in sound closet downstairs