1. M

    Question / Help Black Screen - Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

    Hello community. I just have downloaded de OBS project for my laptop, not for stream or anything related with games, just for record my desktop. The thing that as the title says, I have the intel(R) HD Graphics Family. I don't have any other graphics card, just the intel mentioned before. I just...
  2. F

    Question / Help recommended OBS settings for potato pc

    specs: GPU:intel uhd graphics 620 cpu:intel core i3 8130U cpu @ 2.20 ghz RAM:8gb please help by giving recomened settings for hd recording btw please help by quicksync settings..
  3. G

    Question / Help Black screen on Display Capture - already tried everything

    (Complete log at the bottom of the post.) I need to use Display Capture to record a PowerPoint presentation on my laptop with NVIDIA GPU. (Window Capture can't pickup a fullscreen PowerPoint presentation, so I have to use Display Capture instead.) Display Capture requires OBS to be running on...
  4. B

    Question / Help Problem with the graphic integrate/probleme avec mon pilote graphique intégrer

    Anglais : Hello, I use your software to record my games is it works well but to film my screen it does not work even if I try to launch my software with the graphic integrate I think it starts anyway with the graphic Nvidia because when I uninstall the graphic Nvidia in the device manager I can...
  5. S

    Question / Help Best rx580 settings?

    Hi, I have a decent pc would like to know what the best specs are for my pc. I3 9100f Rx 580 Strix 8gb 16gb ddr4 2400 ram Post the best settings for me pls I've been looking for a while now!
  6. C

    Question / Help High CPU Usage/High Encoding INTEL CORE I9-9900k 8 Core 16 thread ??????

    Hello, and forgive my english .. I have an overload encoding problem .. My config: Intel core i9 9900k Nvidia GTX 1070ti 8GB 16GB ram Three screens I try everything .. The 720p .. the 30fps .. the RGB 5000 but I still encounter this problem .. I read the dodgepong post and try everything he...
  7. KiloSwiss

    Bug Report Using QSV encoder results in error

    I keep it short, if you need any additional information or want me to do some troubleshooting steps, I'm happy to do so. Error: When QSV is selected as encoder (for streaming or recording), the encoding fails with the error message "Starting The Output Failed". Streaming/Recording using x264...
  8. S

    Question / Help 9900k dropping 40% frames in OBS

    My friend and I just received our 9900k this week and are hitting but roadblocks. I’ve noticed the base clock speed is 3.6 but it wants to run at a constant 4.7. I dropped the multiplier so that it tops out at 4.2 and that has seeems to help the cpu usage/temp but I thought the processor could...
  9. A

    Question / Help OBS 22.0.2 Not recording in NVENC

    Everything's there in the title, I've been using the same settings fo a while now, but today I have this issue and I cannot fix it. I attached my OBS log file here.
  10. F

    Question / Help OSB Recording Issue on intel hd graphics (Lagging)

    hey can anyone help me plz i want to record games in 720p 60fps im getting 60fps in all my games but on my recording videos its like 30fps my specs : cpu: i7 7700k gpu: intel hd 630 ram: 16gb 3200mhz single chanel thats my OBS settings :
  11. LovingMyFlicks

    Question / Help Intel Realsense fails installation

    So while I was downloading OBS for Windows an attempt was made to install Realsense but failed to install. I am wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there is a workaround?
  12. PabloGFX

    Question / Help Screen Capture problem - OBS shows only screens from Nvidia, no way to select integrated

    Hello, I have found an specific issue: I'm using two Graphics Cards: 1st - Nvidia 1060 6GB (I'm using three Monitor Outputs) 2nd - Integrated Intel Card (I'm using two Monitor Outputs) In overall: I have 5 monitor screens to switch between. My problem is that Monitor numer 4 and 5...
  13. R

    Question / Help Dual GPU, Dual Monitor League of Legends Window Capture Error. Blackscreen.

    Hello, im trying to help a friend fix her obs issues. She has an old laptop with Dual GPU (Intel integrated graphics and Nvidia NVS 5200M). She has a Graphics Tablet (XP-Pen Artist 16) which functions as a second monitor. Whenever it is connected to the laptop, league of legends is not...
  14. M

    Question / Help Black Screen Recording with Dell Inspiron 5759 with Intel i7 6500u and AMD Radeon R5 M335

    I have been using OBS Classic with this Dell Inspiron 5759. It was very good and worked on this computer. I wanted OBS Studio, so I downloaded it. I install it and test it. The only thing it records is a black screen and records the audio. I've been trying to look all over the internet to fix...