Would my rig record/stream?


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CPU: Intel Core I5 6500
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 1070 TI
RAM: 8gb Ram (Dual channel)

I am probably going to want to record games like Overwatch, Minecraft, and possibly more. Would my rig be able to record or stream?


sure but with it being an i5 and having only 8G of RAM it might lag a bit. Does it play those games with ease? i.e. no heat or 100% cpu/gpu issues?


Sure, your encoding can be offloaded to the GPU with NVENC Though Shansmi is right, 8 Gb of RAM is rather tight to run a game and OBS
Only way to be sure is to test it out


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When I stream (1 camera, some images and text) with OBS minimized, it uses about 250 MB of RAM. I can't imagine game capture uses a significant amount of RAM. Should be fine for recording. Use a single source scene collection to keep the RAM usage low. Disable the preview once you got everything setup.

When streaming, you may have more sources such as a cam, browser sources for stats, etc. These use additional RAM.