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    Would my rig record/stream?

    CPU: Intel Core I5 6500 GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 1070 TI RAM: 8gb Ram (Dual channel) I am probably going to want to record games like Overwatch, Minecraft, and possibly more. Would my rig be able to record or stream?
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    Question / Help Laggy/Choppy playback.

    Hello so I just recorded three videos on call of duty and when I went to edit them I noticed they were choppy and not smooth. Which is odd since I’ve used obs a lot in the past and all my playbacks were super smooth. This problem just occurred today. I have a RTX 2080 super with 16 gigs of RAM...
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    Question / Help Weird Background Noise When Recording

    So I have been noticing that when I start a recording, I can hear some weird background sounds. I used to have to issue before then it just disappeared and I just ignored it. Now it comes to haunt me again. I would really appreciate the help. ✌ Here is the sample of my recording, my log file...
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    Question / Help How do I get the video source to appear for live streaming?

    Hi all! I have a realtime H.264 Encoder (blackmagic design). I have also set everything up for the OBS for livestreaming ( except the video source. I have selected "Blackmagic Device" and "Device" and "Mode" are red and the drop-down box contains nothing to select from. Am I doing...