Intel QUICKSYNC broken, dropped framerates and dynamic bitrate drops connection.


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Operating System Info​

Windows 11

OBS Studio Version​


OBS Studio Log URL​

Expected Behavior​

After changing from NVENC to QUICKSYNC i expected for everything to work as intended but using my iGPU encoder instead of the dGPU encoder, to free power for the GPU to use in demanding games (my GPU is starting to show its age with AAA games).

Current Behavior​

I changed from NVENC to QUICKSYNC encoder and the dynamic bitrate settings started malfunctioning, drops the bitrate to 0 at irregular times and never recovers, can't even stop the stream via the GUI (have to force close OBS from task manager) most of the times it disconnects.
Never happened with NVENC and the problem disappears if i go back to NVENC + Dynamic bitrate.
If i disable dynamic bitrate with QUICKSYNC , I get immediately flooded with dropped frames, on the exact same Twitch server I didn't get ANY with NVENC, NEVER had dropped frames until I started using QUICKSYNC and disabled dynamic bitrate because of the drops in connection, video encoding on the 12600k iGPU hovers at 20% usage.

Steps to Reproduce​

  1. Set dynamic bitrate in advanced options with intel quicksync encoder
  2. Set bitrate to 8000 kbps, CBR, Target: quality, Profile: high, Keyframe 2s, Latency: normal and 3 BFrames.
  3. wait for the bitrate to reach 0 and never recover.

Anything else we should know?​

Everything is updated to the latest version, OS, OBS, Drivers.
I tried every combination of the advanced settings on the connections section.
I have great up/down speeds


I check which twitch servers are the best for my region with the tester
CPU: 12600k iGPU UHD770
GPU: 2060

Here are 2 logs from the "crashes".

Hope the data I gave is enough to find some kind of solution for this, thanks for your help in advance.


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May be of no help, but I've got similar issues.

Unfortunately without being so technical (yet), I can describe it as if I use the defaults with settings:

CBR and 7500, target quality, profile high, Keyfr. 3s, Latency normal, B Frames 3, Video enhancement checked (dunno the english name, my OBS is set to German language)

It works fine though I see some bitrate hitches up to 12 Mbit there.


If I also want to record with Quicksync lets say CQP 15 and target speed, the whole encoder stuff hangs after some seconds, leaving me unable to quit streaming/recording or even close OBS.

I also have ~50 Mbps upload ISP speed.
CPU: i7-10700k, GPU: 3080 12GB, Mobo: MSI Z490-A Pro


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Trying to use quicksync in place of nvenc as an attempt to reduce load on the gpu instead INCREASES load due to having to get the video frames off of the nvidia card and onto the igpu.

Dynamic bitrate is known to outright crash hardware encoders when used on an unstable connection.
It does NOT solve connection issues, it only hides them. tests do not test in a way that is comparable to streaming and do not test to servers used by streaming services.