drop bitrate

  1. Rampant99

    Intel QUICKSYNC broken, dropped framerates and dynamic bitrate drops connection.

    Operating System Info Windows 11 OBS Studio Version 29.1.2 OBS Studio Log URL https://obsproject.com/tools/analyzer?log_url=https://obsproject.com/logs/RBoKQDAgL6nLkZMs#logURL Expected Behavior After changing from NVENC to QUICKSYNC i expected for everything to work as intended but using my...
  2. S

    Bitrate fluctuating badly at random, frames dropping heavily

    I'm a Twitch streamer, and I tried to go live today. My bitrate is typically around 3000, and last week I had zero issues with it. Today, my bitrate was fluctuating even in the starting screen when nothing was going on, going anywhere from 0 to 13000 and causing massive frame drops. I attempted...
  3. S

    Kbp/s drops to 0 without any reason.

    I really just don't know what to do anymore. This issue has decided to randomly crop up for me - and only me, on this PC. There is someone else who uses this PC and does not have this issue when streaming AT ALL. It's only me. I don't know what could be causing it. I've read over the article...
  4. M

    Problemi con cali di frame rate solamente sul programma ma non in gioco.

    Salve a tutti, il problema è che da qualche giorno non riesco più ad andare in live a causa di questi stranissimi cali di fps che si verificano solo nel programma. Non devo neppure registrare per vederli, anche solo nell'anteprima video gli fps calano, mentre in gioco sono molto elevati. Qualche...
  5. B

    Bitrate drops to 0 in almost every game

    I finally decided to post here cuz I've tried everything, I dont know why obs does not let me stream any of the games I usually play (LoL, Apex, MC, etc) Please I really need help
  6. Y

    i'm having drops with high end pc with 100/10 internet

    i've linked all the files i have on my last stream. i'm playing mostly valorant and i prioritize obs as above normal as well, it wasnt happening before 2 weeks. But now it come up https://obsproject.com/logs/H7073zS6BlmV9W1D https://obsproject.com/logs/k3Eggz0TDa2B66qa...
  7. G


    Hello how are you? My OBS is simply dropping the Kbps. I already configured it right, but I don't know what else to do. I've looked at the internet speed and it's normal, however, the OBS keeps dropping. It doesn't keep stable for long. I no longer know what to do or who to turn to. I'll leave...
  8. T

    Consistent drops in bitrate with stable upload speeds.

    I have a stable internet connection, around 700 down and 25 up. This has happened before, and I was not able to find a solution. It just started working again like normal a day or so later. But now that it's back, I figured maybe I would try these forums for some help. I have attached the log...
  9. X

    !!!major problem dropp frames!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

    hey guys need help fixing my drop frames my download is 900mps and uploads 400mps i stream on facebook once it was working now its not please help!!!!! https://obsproject.com/logs/I75vwlUZNNbivI7X
  10. Giercownik__

    Weird issue regarding Dropped Frames because of "internet"

    Hey, to start it off I am fairly new to streaming, and lately I've been having this issue where I would just stream, and from time to time my stream's upload speed drops (I can see it coming down from the 6000kbps to 2200kbps on the bottom left of my Streamlabs OBS I don't know what it's called)...
  11. T

    Dropped frames and stream laggy

    Hello! I need help with my obs. So When i try to stream games on twitch it is very laggy and choppy and I drop about 70% of my frames. I already turned down the frame rate, resolution, bit rate and changed my x264 preset. I am just wondering if it is because I have bad wifi? My average bit rate...
  12. R

    Low bandwidth and dropped frames despite no settings changed

    I'm new here, but I've been having an issue over the past few days that I desperately need help on. Ever since the beginning of this week, I've been noticing that during the afternoons when I usually stream that my bandwidth is not as high when streaming to either twitch or youtube, not to...
  13. D

    Dropping Bitrate to 0 kbps

    Hello, I'm encountering a problem with my live transimssions, where randomly OBS drop to 0 kbps upload bitrate and disconnecting from Twitch. I used different PCs and provider but i get the same issue and sometimes the streaming start even to drop frames (nearly 60%). I made also different test...