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I have encountered a situation when QSV is detected by OBS, but not shown in log file as an adapter. When I try to record with QSV it gives me a "Failed to start recording error". Anyone knows, if there's a solution for this error situation. Also in log file it says "qsv failed to load". Thanks.


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Hello again,

I have reinstalled AMD and Intel drivers via DDU and now getting Adapter recognition as Software. Which results in, that I can record desktop, but seemingly not D3D11 applications, like games. Anybody knows what that means? And is it possible to correct it?

12:30:25.263: Initializing D3D11...
12:30:25.263: Available Video Adapters:
12:30:25.266: Adapter 0: Software Adapter
I believe Software adapter means it's not picking up your graphics card at all.

23:26:43.362: Initializing D3D11...
23:26:43.362: Available Video Adapters:
23:26:43.364: Adapter 0: Radeon RX 580 Series
23:26:43.364: Dedicated VRAM: 4273434624
23:26:43.364: Shared VRAM: 4225847296
23:26:43.364: PCI ID: 1002:67df
23:26:43.364: Driver Version: 27.20.22001.16006
23:26:43.365: output 0: pos={0, 0}, size={1920, 1080}, attached=true, refresh=60, name=SAMSUNG
23:26:43.365: output 1: pos={1920, 0}, size={1920, 1080}, attached=true, refresh=60, name=ASUS VH242H
23:26:43.365: output 2: pos={-1920, 0}, size={1920, 1080}, attached=true, refresh=59, name=ASUS VG23A
23:26:43.365: Adapter 1: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630
23:26:43.365: Dedicated VRAM: 134217728
23:26:43.365: Shared VRAM: 4225847296
23:26:43.365: PCI ID: 8086:5912
23:26:43.365: Driver Version:
23:26:43.368: Loading up D3D11 on adapter Radeon RX 580 Series (0)
23:26:43.400: D3D11 loaded successfully, feature level used: b000
23:26:43.400: DXGI increase maximum frame latency success
23:26:43.400: D3D11 GPU priority setup success

Thats what your log SHOULD look like.

I assume you don't have FPS issues in game? Maybe try a dxdiag or check with dism if device manager does indeed show correctly and the amd readeon overly works.
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