1. H

    Obs Studio with Video Processing in 7° generation Intel CPU (I3 personally)

    Obs Studio should use Video Processing to free CPU usage when recording. Does this function is enabled when the system have NV12 Texture Support enabled? Or it is not implemented in Obs Studio?
  2. alsym

    QSV Encoding Always Fails

    Whenever I try to record using QSV as the encoder, it always fails. The error it gives in the logs is "No JPEG data found in image." I added the log file.
  3. S

    Quicksync issues

    Hello, I have encountered a situation when QSV is detected by OBS, but not shown in log file as an adapter. When I try to record with QSV it gives me a "Failed to start recording error". Anyone knows, if there's a solution for this error situation. Also in log file it says "qsv failed to...
  4. catscarlet.com

    How to use QSV/VAAPI on Linux Mint?

    Is QSV available on Linux now in obs 26.1.1? I tried and it showed this: here is vainfo here is part of obs log This computer has also win10 installed and on win10, obs supports qsv well. do i need to install something else or i need to recompiling something to support qsv on linux?
  5. K

    Hardware (QSV) returning with "An encoder error occurred while recording" [OBS 26.0.0 64-bit]

    Hiya OBS community, I hope you guys can help me with something. I've been having a big problem with OBS recently. Ever since the start of this week, OBS simply refuses to record with the hardware encoders which are needed for recording games at 1080p60 smoothly. When I try to record using...
  6. IkuMiku96

    Question / Help (SandyBridge) Intel QSV won't work/keep disconnecting only when streaming with OBS updates after 23.2.1

    I'm new here but I had a problem and this could be bug or unnoticed issue. I've been using OBS since build 23.2.1, started to livestream last year. Since I use quite old CPU, Intel i5-2400, I use the Quick Sync feature to minimise cpu usage and not using my AMD's GPU ACE and fankly, I really...
  7. E

    Question / Help Someone can help me?

    Hello recently I was updated my IGPU drivers and in this moment I can't use QSV encoder, also in others applications can work with IGPU normally, before update my drivers OBS with QSV encoder was work so good.
  8. KiloSwiss

    Bug Report Using QSV encoder results in error

    I keep it short, if you need any additional information or want me to do some troubleshooting steps, I'm happy to do so. Error: When QSV is selected as encoder (for streaming or recording), the encoding fails with the error message "Starting The Output Failed". Streaming/Recording using x264...
  9. A

    Question / Help QSV Can not be used.

    Hi, recently i tried to do streaming on obs with QSV since i have intel, so i tried setting everything up to use it but when i tried to record or stream it shows a msg telling that the output can not be started or something like that and something about having the most recent drivers installed...
  10. M

    Bug Report QSV Encoder Crash.

    Good evening I would like to know how to solve the problem of the QSV encoder, if I select it both for transmission or recording on the computer as soon as I start the process it obscures and does not start anyway. I am sending the bug log that happens when I start recording with the QSV.
  11. A

    Question / Help After Updating (21.1.0 > 22.0.2), QuickSync no longer an option

    Hi, I hadn't streamed in awhile and didn't realize OBS Studio didn't auto update, so I manually downloaded the installer and overwrote the installed files. Opened OBS64 and noticed in the settings output tab I only have x264 and NVENC, no more QSV? It worked fine on 21.1.0 and I have a Skylake...