Some QuickSync encoder settings not available


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Hello, a OBS noob here.

I am running a wildlife stream over low speed 4G connection and I wish to optimize encoding settings as best as possible, in my usecase latency is not an issue. My encoder system is a Intel NUC with 11th gen Intel CPU which has good support for QuickSync options as I understand. I have understood that lookahead type encoders might be best for my usecase, and for those there is lookahead depth (la_depth) parameter in QuickSync SDK which could improve encoding if increased, however I don't know how to set la_depth parameter as there is no such setting in streaming encoder settings.

Help me out, how can I set QuickSync la_depth parameter to max 100 value?


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Please review and follow recommendations on the analizer, which you should be using:

You may want to clean install the graphic driver:
Read all documentation before you compromize to perform a clean install.

This answer is due to your post on the beta forum thread.