Hardware (QSV) returning with "An encoder error occurred while recording" [OBS 26.0.0 64-bit]


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Hiya OBS community, I hope you guys can help me with something.
I've been having a big problem with OBS recently. Ever since the start of this week, OBS simply refuses to record with the hardware encoders which are needed for recording games at 1080p60 smoothly.
When I try to record using "Hardware (QSV)", which is my preferred encoder as it records the smoothest, it returns with "An encoder error occurred while recording." When I try to record using "Hardware (AMD)", the software would hang for 3 seconds and then outright crash. I did manage to fix this though, but I fixed it by switching to advanced output options, fiddling with that and then returning it to basic options. Hardware (QSV) is still problematic however.

Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/w7bzJN_Yh4TujPxs

- Kivnokai