obs 26

  1. J

    OBS 26 Virtual Camera Mac Audio Sync Solved!

    Struggling with audio sync and the built-in virtual camera. In reading these forums, it looks like the way people are trying to solve for this is through NDI Tools or virtual cabling. I was leery about introducing another software layer to solve a sync issue so NDI was out. I had Black Hole...
  2. drakgoku1

    Best settings to integrated GPU [Streaming]

    Which setting is best for streaming for a Ryzen Integrated GPU. Normal config I have tested H264 / AVC AMD, as well as x264. (I don't notice the difference) I have tried CBR, ABR and VBR (CBR and VBR seem the most complete) I have tried in preselection: Twitch / Youtube / Recording / High...
  3. MikaelaSims

    OBS 26 Transition Issue

    I noticed this in the various RCs, but now that its in production, I need to roll back. The issue is that I capture Zoom with a Windows Capture (I am not sure if it is Windows Capture only, but it was apparent there) and when I do any transitions, the capture drops for a few seconds and then...
  4. K

    Hardware (QSV) returning with "An encoder error occurred while recording" [OBS 26.0.0 64-bit]

    Hiya OBS community, I hope you guys can help me with something. I've been having a big problem with OBS recently. Ever since the start of this week, OBS simply refuses to record with the hardware encoders which are needed for recording games at 1080p60 smoothly. When I try to record using...