QSV Encoding Always Fails


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Whenever I try to record using QSV as the encoder, it always fails. The error it gives in the logs is "No JPEG data found in image."

I added the log file.


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1. Make sure your Intel drives are up to date using https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html
2. Your Laptop has two GPUs. OBS is running on the weak integrated Intel GPU. For better performance as well as game capture being available you should run OBS on the dedicated GPU (High performance). Check the Laptop Troubleshooting Guide.
3. One of your audio devices has a sample rate that doesn't match the rest. This can result in audio drift over time or sound distortion. Check your audio devices in Windows settings (both Playback and Recording) and ensure the Default Format (under Advanced) is consistent. 48000 Hz is recommended.
OBS Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Speakers (2- Realtek(R) Audio): 48000 Hz
Digital Audio Interface (USB Digital Audio): 96000 Hz
4. Run OBS as Admin. Right click on the OBS shortcut, properties, advanced, check box, ok, apply, ok.
5. Try a different Video Format for your webcam besides MJPEG.