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I have been using NVENC on multiple versions of obs over the years without any issues recently i tried to begin streaming again after a break during winter and i can't seem to get a constant 60fps (in obs) while streaming. I've looked into gpu utilization and in game without obs open i'll sit around 30% on a 1070 with 3 monitors, but when obs is open ill be 95%+ and am unable to hold 60 fps, sometimes it will drop to 55, then 40ish being super choppy for the viewers. If anyone knows anything that i could do to fix this i would greatly appreciate it.

It does seem that playing a game that's not hard on the gpu such as fortnite or being full cam i can usually keep a stable 60fps but the moment i swap over to any shooter or game that has actual detail and fast movements (R6, Apex, Destiny 2 and etc.) things just fall apart.

Before the issues that i laid out above i have swapped in a second 1070 to test out SLI and see if getting another card showed any benefit for what i needed it for and luckily it wasn't that much of an upgrade. The addition also made obs run not so great so i opted out of the choice and went back to a single 1070. Since then for some weird reason my top PCIe port hasn't been able to be used and i'm not sure that would cause any issues as everything works just the same in game and streaming on x264.

Attached is a test stream with obs's new NVENC encoder as i thought this might change things for me but i still get the same results.


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