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Hi, I'm trying to stream Final Cut Pro to show my viewers how i edit my videos that I do for work... When using window capture it is extremely laggy which, for video editing is a huge problem.
There is Display capture, or course, however that shows a little unprofessional because you then show the viewers the obs system when switching between scenes...

I've read about a syphon inject, however, by the looks of things FCPX isn't supported in this so is there anything else I can try?

My next step is by a new monitor to put obs and then just display capture the main screen, but, that means spending money... Please help!


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Sure, a 2nd machine and a MacOS supported capture card-- Magewell, BlackMagic, AJA. Avoid Elgato, although I hear the CamLink works and is not particularly expensive. Under no circumstances buy an HD60S.

This is functionally the same as display capture, though.

Minimize OBS and change scenes with hotkeys or with external software like OBS-websocket's web control panel, or Touch Portal.