Question / Help can somebody help me with obs streming....


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my pc specs: intel core i7-2600 cpu @ 3.40ghz
8gb ram
nvidia gtx 1060 6gb
internet down 15 up 11

so i need some good settings for obs.
i have tried so many things but it ends up being blurry asf and i dont know that to do
so pls somebody out there help me fix this.
streaming on youtube btw
and the game i play is counter strike



please read pinned posts they say provide a logfile

Please try to include a recording/streaming session when you experience problems while streaming or recording,
as OBS only writes important performance data during recording or streaming sessions.

If you have solved your problem yourself, please let the others know how you did it If someone else has the same problem,
he will find your post, read it through, is no step closer to solving it, and has wasted some time.