1. goalkeeer

    Mac m1 pro OBS Recordings are Fuzzy

    Hey guys, I try to find solution why my recordings are little blurry. First image what on my screen, second what I get in my video file. My recording settings. I tried all encoders, results are pretty similar. Interesting that when I downloaded my VOD from twitch quality is better than what I...
  2. eh24

    Distracting jittery text

    To whom this may concern, I am trying to record my screen, but my output has distracting shaking text and icons. The quality can be seen here: I am using FFMEG VAAPI H.264 with intel-media-driver. The output of...
  3. A

    Blurry Stream

    I have been streaming Disney Dreamlight Valley recently and when I play the game it is completely fine and very clear, but when I check the stream/ recording of the stream, it is quite blurry. I have adjusted bitrates but that doesn't seem to make much of a difference and I am not very good at...
  4. HamsterBBQ

    Blurry Stream when downscaling from 1440p to 1080p

    Hello everyone, I am trying to stream at 1080p 60fps with OBS and I want to get the best quality possible. I have 2 monitors, both 1440p, and I play games in fullscreen 1440p. When I try to record (using the streaming encoder settings) at 1440p 60fps I get crystal clear image, everything is...
  5. D

    OBS 28 - blurry image when capturing screen

    Gentlemen... I even bought an RTX3050 card because I've already done all combinations of settings and nothing, still the same..... Look at the picture... HELP!!!
  6. T

    Best Encoder Settings On OBS 28 With Silicon Macs?

    Hello I am currently using the MacBook Pro with an M1 Chipset With 16 gigs of ram Currently i stream on 1080p 60 fps No downscaling anywhere I currently use For streaming Apple VT Hardware Encoder 6000 Bitrate Profile = High Keyframe Interval = 2 B-Frames = Off For Recording Apple VT...
  7. R

    Blurry record

    Hi, I recently had to reinstall windows 10 and I downloaded obs version 28.0.2 to continue with my videos, but now they are all blurry. Among the solutions I found: -Change the bitrate or crf: It doesn't work. Even if I set the quality better or worse, the videos are still blurry. -Change the...

    Okay, I need help :/ ... amdgpu-pro pixelation

    I'm having this problem : (pixelated, unreadable) The XSHM method works well, but the problem is that I don't want to capture the entire screen. If there was a way of capturing only a window by the XSHM method it would be awesome. But I really can't use it as it is (full screen), there are...
  9. D

    Streams still blurry

    Hello, i literally tried all the settings in obs, i even tried streamlabs it doesn't works. My streams is still blurry. I don't know what is going on, i think it's from my bitrate. I tried all the rate control, the x264, the Nvdia Nhenc but it's always the same problem.
  10. X

    fix this

    The quality of my recording is bad, I don't know what caused the problem in the first place
  11. P

    OBS Quality is DooDoo in Minecraft Recording

    Hello! I am a minecraft content creator (ProFireSparx) and I make Minecraft content. I use this mod client called Lunar Client to enhance the looks of my game. It looks fine on my monitor, but when I record it with OBS, it is very wierd as far as quality goes... I use 999,999 kbps in CBR for my...
  12. Y

    not clear recording

    hi im am trying to get a good recording setup. i have the base cavans the same as my screen 1080p with 100 fps and CBR 200.000 but i still dont get the same picture as my screen can anyone help?
  13. T

    Twitch Stream unscharf trotz empfohlener TTV Einstellungen

    Moin, ich habe im Dezember letzten Jahres angefangen Warzone (und ganz selten LoL/Battlefield V) zu streamen. Das hat am Anfang auch ganz gut geklappt, hab dann aber irgendwas verstellt oder es kam ein Update, wodurch es jetzt so aussieht...
  14. surzo18

    Preview and video recording or streaming is blurry..

    Hi, I am sure I have very good setup with AMD ryzen 7 and RTX 3080 (32gb ram) but I am unable to make my videos looks good. It is blurry in preview and also in video. I found issue may be HDR mode turned on so I turn it off but nothing changed. My outpuut is 8000 Bitrate, Encoder Hardvare NVENC...
  15. K

    Blurry image when setting Logitech C922 Pro to 1280x720?

    Just upgraded to a Logitech C922 camera because my previous one was stuck at 30fps. I got the new one hooked up and added it as a video capture device. Everything was good so far, running at 60fps but was defaulted to 4:3 for some reason. I went into the properties and set the device's...
  16. Echon

    Fuzzy Text While Recording

    Whenever I record, no matter what settings I change, any type of text on my screen is fuzzy or blurry. I see people with crystal clear video, pixels as perfect as they can get. No YouTuber has been able to find an answer for me, nor have I myself been able to find an answer. I have already...
  17. K

    obs only records in 240p

    So I've had obs for a while now and I just recently got a new set up, from my old windows laptop to a desktop. My monitor is a bit of a strange size, 1080x1024, and I think that's the reason why obs studio will only record in 240p so I need assistance on if there's any way to record on at least...
  18. K

    obs stutters with beast pc

    if anyone of yall could you help me? specs: 3090 3950x 32gb 3600mhz ssd / 2x hdd ------------------------------------------- all my recordings turn out blurry and somewhat stuttery but the stuttering is really small. and my games i play run at 300+ fps without recording, and 250fps while...
  19. M

    OBS recordings are blurry despite all the settings i've tried

    the part on the right is after an obs recording and the one on the left is just my game, i have not scaled and ive tried so many settings for the past week straight with no success Here is my log file
  20. Edog

    Blurry/Lack of color in recordings.

    So I've recently built this PC with the intent of recording. But I am having an issue with the recordings coming out as blurry and lacking color compared to what I see when playing the game. Now I understand that you do lose a bit of quality while recording but even the people with similar...