1. S

    Question / Help General Blurriness and Choppy Streaming at all settings

    Hello, I recently upgraded to a new PC and started streaming again. However I'm running into constant issues with the stream getting choppy randomly, without dropping frames, fps just seems to die on OBS and an overall fuzzy blurry look to everything including my webcam. The issue seems to be...
  2. S

    Question / Help High settings on obs but still blurry

    Hi I have a pretty decent enough pc and internet that can support up to a bitrate of 8000 but whatever settings i choose for games its still blurry. I have tried between x264 and Nvenc on 720 and 1080p and still gotten blurry image quality. I have a MSI GTX 1060 6GB, an I5-8400 and 16 gb ram...
  3. K

    Question / Help Local video is blurry (Elgato HD60)

    Hi there, I wanted to check out OBS because I try to stream and save a local video which results in blurry mess in Game Capture HD. I read some guides here in the forum but whatever I try results in a blurry video (even non streamed, only recorded). Sometimes it doesnt read the "scale to...
  4. D

    Question / Help Recording is blurry

    Hi, so when I'm finished recording the record is blurry, I think I'm recording in full HD but my screen is so much sharper than the video. I read somewhere that I shouldn't record in mp4, but my video editor won't be working with anything else (unless I pay more). I know this is just HD but it...
  5. E

    Question / Help Downscaled Videos always blurry

    I’ve been messing with obs all day and it’s been fighting me in the recording tab. if I keep my canvas and output at 1440p (2k) I get a clear image but not as perfect as I’d like. I use the nvidia encoder and have a bit rate of 50,000 or so. My monitor is 2k I’d do everything the same except...
  6. X

    Question / Help Pixel stream

    Hey there i have a i7 2600k 16 gb ram and a 1060 6 gb graphics card and i posted pics of my setting but some how things are still either frame dropping in games like (gta nba 2k r6s) or just blurry in the same titles as well as fortnite apex ect help please log...
  7. F

    Question / Help When Recording my video is clear when theres no action but once there is action it starts to get pixelated... Help?

    My PC Specs: Intel i7 7700k NVDIA GTX 1070 16GB RAM 1 TB Storage 650 WATT Power Supply ( or you can just search up “ SE Hyperbeast Pro ” ) Ive been dealing with this for 3 days now and its pissing me off how my pc is actually good but my videos arent. Im a streamer/content creator and this...
  8. E

    Question / Help Please help me, I’m trying to stream over Facebook and my video quality gets blurry/pixelated when I move.

    Hi everyone, i would like to stream on Facebook, YouTube, twitch, etc. I’ve tried to stream on Facebook and the video quality is blurry when I move or pixelated, that’s the only fact stops me from doing my it (stream). I have a very good PC i7 8700k, Nvidia gtx 1080 (it’s a good pc, worth btw...
  9. N

    Question / Help Blurry Recordings

    Hey, i own a HP pavillon pc with an intel core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2GB DDR5 FH GFX graphics card and every time i record csgo demos it becomes choppy and very blurry how can i fix this so it records atleast at decent quality and smoothly
  10. F

    Question / Help Question about scaling in regards to quality...

    So recently I've been running some tests with my gaming livestreams to work out how to stop them from becoming pixellated and blurry. I've found upping the bitrate helps a bunch, but I had a thought. What I'm currently doing is changing the base canvas resolution to 1280x720, and the scaled...
  11. M

    Question / Help Screen resolution and video canvas and output match but recording is blurry!

    So my screen resolution is 1360×768 otherwise i get black bars on both sides but when i punch in the same resolution on OBS i get those nasty bars at the bottom and on the right. I don't understand why they match but apparently they don't, and i can't seem to be able to get any kind of...
  12. S

    Question / Help Recording kinda blurry

    my recordings are somewhat blurry compared to what is being displayed at my actual screen. Streaming seems fine, but the recordings are always weird. are my settings recordings (1st one) vs what is actually on my screen (2nd one)
  13. O

    Question / Help General question about bitrate and recommended settings for this computer

    Hi, So, when i streaming everything is really blur and pixeled. I red is a matter of cpu and settings. I have this configuration and streaming with 3mb in upload, so i set bitrate at 2000 for streaming 720/30fps which are the best settings for OBS? (atm i use streamlabs obs) How is important a...
  14. singlemom24

    Question / Help HEEELLPPPPP!!! pixilation & blurriness & lag

    my stream is a bit lagy and when im still I don't lag at all an my stream is a bit blurry like DVD status ...but when I move there is high pixilation and blurriness and lag as well…… please help!!!! thank you
  15. D

    Question / Help Blurry Recordings Using Display/Gameplay/Window Captures

    Hey all! I downloaded the newest free version of OBS (22.0.1) and I'm having a hard time with getting my videos to be in 1080 resolution. Below I will put my computer specs and such but I really don't know what I'm doing wrong! I know when I put FPS Value on 60 my computer gets so slow during a...
  16. L

    Question / Help Videos come out blurry When finish recording

    Hi I'm having a problem when im trying to record a video and the video comes out blurry so i can post it on my youtube channel i don't know what the problem is i search on YouTube to fix the situation but nobody has the problem except me Here is my pc specs: AMD FX-6300 six core 3.50 GHz 12 GB...
  17. I

    Question / Help Pixelated Stream no matter what config

    Hi, i get a very pixelated stream. no matter what i try My PC specs Intel Core i7700K Nvidia 1070 8gb 16gb RAM i use nvenc coder 6000 bitrate(speed = 200up 200down) high quality high ——————————- Downscaling Input 1920x1080 Output 1280x720 lanczos 60fps ——————————- no matter what i touch...
  18. Svings

    Question / Help Blurry/pixelated stream with OBS

    While streaming STALKER. Dead Air, I've noticed that the stream is awfully blurry/pixelated when moving around, shooting etc. I can't find a solution for it even though there are a ton of people with the problem like me. Any help would be greatly appreciated... The game is running perfectly on...
  19. I

    Question / Help stream pixelation when moving? PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 1060 6gb and an i7 6700 3.40 ghz ive been trying to stream on youtube and every time i try, the stream comes out pixelated. I usually try to stream fortnite from my ps4 by adding in my elgato game capture hd but ive noticed a lot of pixelation when my player moves. When the player is...
  20. I

    Question / Help Blurry Stream when moving in Fortnite

    Hi everyone, i would like to stream , but a factor stops me from doing it. I have a very good PC, a have very stable obs configuration when im not moving, quality is realistic and good. But when im moving, stream starts to pixelate and get blurry, I tried lot of different options but nothing...