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    Question / Help Better Stream Quality, HELP

    Hello, I currently stream on YouTube and use streamlabs OBS. I have recently had problems with my stream quality as it is showing to viewers as 480. PC specs -core i7 7700k 4.20 GHz -1060 geforce -8 gb ram Current OBS settings, under "streaming" -encoder is NVENC -rate control CBR -bitrate...
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    Question / Help Help with blurry video while streaming

    Hi guys, Im pretty new to this but I have tried multiple forum threads, multiple tutorials, talked with few different ppl and no1 could help me . Im trying to stream at 720p 60 or 30 fps. PC specs: Ryzen 3 1200 RX 560 2GB 8GB ddr4 Internet 50/8. So far any settings I put in OBS my stream looks...
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    Question / Help Blurry Streams

    I've been trying so many diffrent resolutions, frames per second and bit rates that I am about to go mad, why can I make my stream not be blurry when I play games with some fast movement in them, like rust, pubg or fortnite!? Here is my Video and Output setting in...
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    Question / Help STEAMS ARE VERY BLURRY

    Computer specs GTX 1080 i7 8700k processor 2 tb of memory 16 gb of ram My streams look really blurry my Download speed is 108.6 mbps and my upload speed is 22.1 mbps My obs settings are down below, I have watched mulitple videos explaining how to fix the lag/blurryness please help thanks! also...