OBS Quality is DooDoo in Minecraft Recording


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Hello! I am a minecraft content creator (ProFireSparx) and I make Minecraft content. I use this mod client called Lunar Client to enhance the looks of my game. It looks fine on my monitor, but when I record it with OBS, it is very wierd as far as quality goes... I use 999,999 kbps in CBR for my bitrate, 1080p, and 60hz. I use Lanczos as my downscale filter. Color format is NV12 and space is 709 and range is partial. The first photo is a direct screenshot of my game, and then second is from the OBS recording. Look especially at the chat, and my FPS and CPS count (on the sides of my hotbar)​
also screen shots wont come so if you need the screenshot pls let me know and ill somehow give them to you​