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Hi, I recently had to reinstall windows 10 and I downloaded obs version 28.0.2 to continue with my videos, but now they are all blurry.

Among the solutions I found:

-Change the bitrate or crf: It doesn't work. Even if I set the quality better or worse, the videos are still blurry.

-Change the format: It doesn't work. This in mp4 or mkv are still the same.

-Change resolution: Does not work. I usually record in 1280x720, but even if I change it to 1080, it still looks the same.

-Change output from advanced to simple. I don't care because I need 2 lines of audio, but it still doesn't work.

-Reinstall it, install mediainfo, install ffmpeg and it still doesn't react, no matter what modifications I make, all videos are still the same.

I am only interested in recording, not streaming. The only semi improvement I find is to change the yuv mode from partial to full, then it looks with better color and a little more focused, but it is still blurry. I can't get it back to the quality it had before.

My configuration:

video settings :
base resolution: 1280x720
output resolution: 1280x720
downscale filter: Bilinear
fps: 30/1
format: NV12
YUV mode: Rec. 601/Partial

x264 encoder: preset: ultrafast
rate_control: CRF
bitrate: 0
buffer size: 0
crf: 23
fps_num: 30
fps_den: 1
width: 1280
height: 720
keyint: 250

I know it is not the best quality, but based on my pc and my possibilities, it is the best configuration that covers quality, weight.

Attached is a picture of how it was before and how it is now.


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