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Hi! I decided to make another thread just to try to understand is there any chanse to have clear smooth 1080p stream on youtube? I tried recommnded by youtube 9000kbps. All high settings in obs https://i.imgur.com/Sr4BMqP.png ; https://i.imgur.com/zPvQb6b.png
But result is disappointing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPU1qp-hRFg&t=50s
If I make output video 2560x1440 then I get clear picture, almost no blur while moving but a bit laggy or kinda a bit stuttering at times, not quite smooth which is unacceptable.
I have i5 11400f, rtx gigabyte 3060 12 gb oc, 32 gb RAM on 3200mhz, win 11 64 bit home, Gigabyte B560M DS3H V2, ASUS TUF Gaming 750 W 80+ Bronze, 100 Mbit internet.
I also tried to use 10500kbps for example as obs auto wizard recommends for my system but had no real improvement.

I saw thread on this forum that a person had similar problem having 3090 pc. So how is this even possible? Is there any chance to have really good quality 1080p stream on youtube? Cuz at the same time I have no problems with streaming on twitch - I have really good quality there even on medium/high settings on 6000kbps. Also I tried to make 1440 youtube stream key and result was not satisfactory.

Regards, Dmytro
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