surround sound

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    Question / Help Surround and Equalizer Problems

    Hey, so i have the Arctis 7, with the DTS surround sound on and a little more bass, is there any opportunity to bypass the surround sound from the Arctis 7 himself or the equalizer without losing it on the headset itself? I personaly love the surround sound from the arctis 7 and dont want to do...
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    Question / Help OBS recording my headset's 7.1 surround sound.

    Hi, been trying to get this fixed for the past hour. I've tired using Stereo Mix but my headphones are the Corsair Void Wireless and they don't seem to be compatible with it. My goal is to either prevent it from capturing the surround sound or have the game playback from another device...
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    Question / Help Encoder surround audio quality (potential bug)

    OBS STUDIO: 23.0.2 (64 bit) Plugin: OBS.Live from StreamElements Attempted with and without plugin log: When using 7.1 surround sound during a stream or recording using any encoder and quality settings, the audio seems like it is muffled, however when...
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    Question / Help I'm having an issue from 21.0.1 to 23.0.1

    Hi OBS team, there are two questions in this post I've been using your program for years, I'm currently using 21.0.1 720p 60 fps to Twitch I read the updates for the newest build and felt excited to try it, when I switched over I ran the same settings and I'm running into issues. The 23...