Question / Help OBS frame loss/low fps when recording and streaming and encoding overload


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It happens whenever I play a game or something (whilst recording). In the preview window and on the bottom right hand side of obs, I am told that I have 60fps and when I am playing the game, I'm playing it at 100+ fps, but when I go back and look at the recording/stream, it looks like I am recording/streaming at less than 10fps (even though obs says im recording at 60fps). I have tried reinstalling but it didn't fix anything. I have also tried locking my fps in game to 60; which too did not fix anything. The encoding overload error message pops up after a second once I start recording. I have tried turning down all the video settings and it still does the exact same thing. I still get the encoding overload message (after lowering the video settings) and the framerate in my recording is still less than 10fps. All that changes is the quality.

All my settings are on default except for video settings which I raised to 1920x1080.
My fps (on OBS) is set to 60 but I have tried lowering it to 30 and less (made no difference).

At first I thought that my specs may have been too bad for OBS but after experimenting with the video quality and resolution and stuff and all of that having made no difference to the FPS in the recordings, I am convinced that it is most likely a software issue. Please help.

i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz (x4)
GTX 1060
8GB ram
Windows 10


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You CPU is not strong enough to encode a high motion 1920x1080@60fps with x264 while the game also requires its CPU. In your logfile there is no lag or dropped frames, but I assume you just recorded a somewhat still desktop.
You have a GTX 1060, so you have the nvenc hardware encoder, which requires almost no CPU power. Switch encoder to nvenc and switch rate control from CBR to CQP, because you're recording and not streaming. Use a CQP value of about 18.