Gameplay perfect but the recorded is not. Too laggy please help me


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Hellow people,

Im trying to record video games but im having issues when doing it, I have played several games like dota 2, warzone, dbd and when I record any of them on ultra I have no issue. when I play shadow of the tomb raider most of the game is just fine but in some parts suddenly It gets laggy the record and sometimes the game. what can i do?
ryzen 7 5800
3070 ti
32gb ram

my log

now I dont have a capture card but I have an extra laptop with a good gpu rtx 2060 and 16gb ram and im thinking on buying a capture card to dual pc
what are your comments guys???


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Most of the games will require having them capped at 60 fps to have smooth recordings however doing so doesn’t always help. For example in my case even doing that I still have trouble obtaining smooth recordings even if I have a powerful pc (13900k-4090), even switched to dual pc setup and still having trouble bro I have no luck with computers I swear
In your case try to lock your games at 60, check your recording settings maybe and when you record keep an eye on your GPU encoder utilization maybe you are overloading it and it cause the recording to stutter / skip frames