record lag

  1. M

    OBS saturating the CPU and thus creating lag on camera and computer

    Hello OBS gurus, I'm turning out to you because I have gone through Google and the forums and I didn't find anything which solved my issue. I'm DJing and I use OBS to record videos. My configuration when I do this is: - RekordBox (DJing software opened) - OBS with 2 scenes containing each a...
  2. R

    Gameplay perfect but the recorded is not. Too laggy please help me

    Hellow people, Im trying to record video games but im having issues when doing it, I have played several games like dota 2, warzone, dbd and when I record any of them on ultra I have no issue. when I play shadow of the tomb raider most of the game is just fine but in some parts suddenly It gets...
  3. Nereon

    Laptop 3080ti, OBS freezing while recording 4k 60fps, 90-120 fps in game

    Hello everyone! I got a problem. Trying to record 4k 60fps SC2 gameplay, but it always dropping very much frames while encoding. So record have 15-20 fps instead 60. Stray - 2-3 fps while ingame 70. I have Razer 17", 3080ti, ssd for recording My log files for sc2 here...
  4. llinfeng

    Mouse lagging/shuttering when screen-recording with OBS on a laptop with DisplayLink-connected external monitors

    Short question - is it an optimization issue that OBS screen-recording may leave a laptop with DisplayLink-connected monitors less responsive? Or, would adopting an even lower recording setting save me from the following situation? I use OBS to record my work sessions, where the sources include...
  5. S

    Low cpu usage and make the game lag too

    Hello i tried to record 1080p50 with 10000kbps bitrate using CPU the game run smooth but the video is laggy and when i tried 1080p60 it make the game laggy but the cpu usage is low can anybody help please? sorry for bad grammar log