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    OBS Not Working At All

    Hi All, So tonight I've started to have extreme issues with OBS. First, I was trying to record a video and noticed that the audio through my mic wasn't being recorded, even though OBS itself was clearly showing audio coming through. After exhausting all of my options within the app, I decided...
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    Audio Only Picking up Mic in Particular Cases???

    I have my encoder as nvidia nvenc h.264 and my output of type of video is mkv if this helps. My microphone is selected to record on tracks 2 and 3. My desktop is selected to record on tracks 1 and 3. only when i select track 2 or 3 alone do i hear my microphone in the video, but not when i have...
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    OBS is sapping internet speeds!

    Hi! i really need some help, as I've never had this problem until last night. My OBS is absolutely draining my internet speeds. I am on Ethernet and have gigabit fiber internet through Rev. While not streaming my Speeds sits at 950-978Mbs Download and 780-820Mbs Upload. and while Stream they...
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    Multiple Camera Connection Issue

    We have three Cannon M200 cameras and we cannot get OBS to recognize all three. It is only picking up one camera. All three devices are being recognized by our computer. HELP
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    Gameplay perfect but the recorded is not. Too laggy please help me

    Hellow people, Im trying to record video games but im having issues when doing it, I have played several games like dota 2, warzone, dbd and when I record any of them on ultra I have no issue. when I play shadow of the tomb raider most of the game is just fine but in some parts suddenly It gets...
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    My laptop shuts down whel I start recording.

    Hello, I really need some help here I used to use OBS for around two month or more now, and it was working just fine! Suddenly a month ago when I clicked on start recording then opened photoshop as usual, the laptop gave me a black screen like it lost power! I opened it again updated OBS and...
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    Audio issues with Audio Capture

    First post, sorry if I'm in the wrong place Ok, so I have a couple of issues with OBS that I'm struggling with. The main one over my last 2 streams have been audio based. I have the Application Audio Capture beta plug-in,and it worked for the previous month. Suddenly, I'm having issues with...
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    NVENC and AMD encoders

    It has been running fine until tonight then it suddenly said: Note: If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date. I don't know what it means or how to update them. The attached image is what it says for my encoders and doesn't give me an option to...
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    While recording, turned off pc and didn't press stop recording

    What the title says, how would I get the recording back? Here's the log
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    OBS Freezing my screen every 30 minutes

    While I have OBS open and recording/ streaming while playing a game, after about 30 minutes of everything running fine my screen will just completely freeze but the game will run fine in the background and I am still able to interact and do everything as normal. But I just cant see what I am...
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    OBS wont use other GPU

    Hi. I got 2 graphics card. One supports HEVC and other doesnt. OBS WILL Not use my APU instead of GPU Thus it constantly throws error How do i switch to record with this chip? " AMF] [Capability Manager] Testing Direct3D 11 Adapter 'AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics...
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    Why did this happen and how do I fix it?

    I have been using OBS for a few months now for streaming and haven't had any real problems. Today I opened it up and my handmade overlay looks like this, how do I unshrink it, and how do I prevent it from happening again?
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    Multiple audio streams

    I would like to hear in my headphones the playlist of my account without the others listening to it, I would like him to hear this or another kind hlofi hiphop no copyright
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    Missing Dialogue Audio

    Before I begin here is my current log I am trying to record footage of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix to make into a YouTube video. I plan on recording many other games with the various other consoles I have. Here's my problem. Since last week when I...
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    delay video input

    I stream my ps4 to my youtube channel then make the stream private then I stream that to twitch and youtube with OBS with plugins, chatbots and other things but I have a body cam for VR. But the delay of my ps4 stream makes it so that I'm starting one thing and swinging my arms around and it...
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    Question / Help Obs is not letting me Stream in 1080p only 360p...

    How do I fix this? I tried everything changing the canvas and output res around, Encoder software x264 to Hardware which is AMD for me! I ran it in Administer mode, Unstalling it and Reinstalling it etc! I'm running an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Windows 10, Radeon Rx 480.
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    hi SOMEONE TOLD ME HIS PROBLEM SOLVED HERE i have problem in amd graphice drive its when i play game(assassins creed ody or orgins or other game ) its crash its was working good before but when i open power options >change plan settings >change advanced power settings >AMD graphics power...
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    Question / Help Help Me! (Click Please)

    Help! My recordings are all black! help!