OBS Freezing my screen every 30 minutes


New Member
While I have OBS open and recording/ streaming while playing a game, after about 30 minutes of everything running fine my screen will just completely freeze but the game will run fine in the background and I am still able to interact and do everything as normal. But I just cant see what I am doing while everything on my stream and my recordings look fine. I am able to alt tab and go back and forth between different windows but when I switch back to the game it is just a frozen screen.

I have tried everything I can think of including. Upgrading my drivers, downgrading my drivers, downgrading to the previous version of OBS, reinstalling my game, playing my game on windowed full screen. The only thing that fixes the issue temporarily is to just alt+f4 and restart my game, but the issue happens again about 30 minutes later. I have run out of options and I have no clue what to do at this point.