Audio issues with Audio Capture


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First post, sorry if I'm in the wrong place

Ok, so I have a couple of issues with OBS that I'm struggling with. The main one over my last 2 streams have been audio based. I have the Application Audio Capture beta plug-in,and it worked for the previous month. Suddenly, I'm having issues with OBS streaming and recording the audio of my game, music, stream elements alert sound effects, or any audio source other than my mic. The programme is picking it up and the bars for these seperate audio source are moving and I'm hearing them all, but they aren't being streamed/recorded. I've attached the log of the stream with this issue, just in case it can help, but I have no idea what's causing this.

While on stream I tried to fix it by renewing the sources and deleting them out completely and making them fresh, making sure to do the audio source seperation in advanced setting, but nope, still didn't work. I ended stream, and tried recording again, no dice. Did the same thing- deleting it out and renewing, and suddenly it recorded in game audio. This might be a small fix, but I have lost faith in OBS's audio capture and I really want to know if this is something that can be permenantly fixed because I can't deal with this happening again and just not knowing how to fix it.


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