In-Game stutters with OBS only when playing CSGO


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Hello, whenever I stream CSGO with OBS I run into different Issues: If I dont have OBS minimized I feel terrible input lag in-game and have lots of stutters.
This persists until I disable preview and minimize OBS. Also I cant have any video (e.g watching my own stream instead of the OBS preview) on my second monitor. If i do all of that streaming CSGO becomes somewhat bearable (no noticeable input lag but still stutters and like 200+ fewer FPS)
Does anyone know of a potential fix? log file is attached

Note: I have 0 issues streaming any other game (even with preview enabled on second monitor)

Specs: 5800x
32gb ram
Monitor 1 (360hz with Gsync)
Monitor 2 (60hz) I know issue might be related to the refresh rate of my monitors but how do I not have issues with other games then?


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Please separate in different scenes the monitor source and the game source. Never put them in the same scene.