input lag

  1. L

    Input lag when recording

    Hi as the title says, I get input lag as soon as I open OBS. I have two monitors. My main is 240hz. 2nd is 60hz. I've tried minimizing everything on the second monitor when I game and there's no difference. I changed my NVCP scaling for both monitors to use GPU scaling which seemed to improve it...
  2. H

    In-Game stutters with OBS only when playing CSGO

    Hello, whenever I stream CSGO with OBS I run into different Issues: If I dont have OBS minimized I feel terrible input lag in-game and have lots of stutters. This persists until I disable preview and minimize OBS. Also I cant have any video (e.g watching my own stream instead of the OBS preview)...
  3. SpeedLan

    Input lag and stutters in preview and streaming respectively

    I have two monitors. On one game, on the other preview obs. On which the game is, everything is perfect, on the preview, as if frame skips, but in the statistics there are 0 perfect As a result, the image on the stream becomes a little torn. My PC - RTX 3060ti, 10400f, 32 RAM, SSD M2. Windows...
  4. B

    Input lag in game when streaming obs

    I am feeling delay when i play and stream at the same time. Specs : i5-9600k RTX 2060 SUPER 16Go DDR4 3200mhz Windows 10 Dual screen, main 144Hz (Game) and second 60Hz (Obs/chat) My files :
  5. GreedyLive

    Input lag and massive frame drops while streaming

    Hey, i got a big problem with OBS. Specs: Ryzen 9 3950X 32GB DDR4 Dominator Ram MSI RTX 2080 Super Trio When im streaming im getting massive frame drops from 240+ to under 100 and the Stream also ads input lag to my game. I had no Problem at all but since a few days this happens to me and i...
  6. I

    Question / Help OBS causes FPS drops and unbearable input lag in Fortnite

    Whenever I’m streaming Fortnite using OBS, I get FPS drops and input lag (I’m assuming that’s what it’s called.) In case I’m using the wrong term, I’ll just explain it: the FPS is noticeably lower than normal, and there is a significant delay between me doing something on my mouse and keyboard...
  7. B

    Question / Help Input Lag OBS Studio

    Everytime I open OBS Studio I receive some really bad input lag. Any help would be great. My Specs: Monitor 1: Acer XFA240 (144hz) Monitor 2 BenQ GW2270 (60hz) GPU: RTX 2070 Super CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x I usually have my OBS and Google on my 2nd Monitor, and my game running at 144hz 144fps on...
  8. Z

    Question / Help obs streamlabs feels weird streaming overwatch

    i have tried streaming overwatch for a while now and whenever i start my stream and play it does not feel correct. i am not sure what it is, whether it be input lag or whatever. i still get 300 frames/sec when streaming and when i looked at dropped frames it doesnt say anything. i dont know how...
  9. S

    Question / Help input lag when streaming HELP!

    So basically when i stream fortnite, i feel a little more input lag, then when im not streaming and i dont know why. PLEASE HELP!! my specs are ryzen 5 2600 gtx 1660 xc ultra 16gb ddr4 2600 mhz ram gigabyte b450m 120gb ssd 1tb hard drive 500w power supply my obs settings are nvenc (new)...
  10. K

    Question / Help Input lag Obs studio

    I tried to stream on streamlabs obs and this probleam appears, i open the program without streaming and my mouse stay with a delay on the game (csgo) so i download obs studio and the same problem again and the fps is high the file :
  11. P

    Question / Help Using Obs feels like i have input lag when play a game.

    My computer specs are Ryzen 7 1700, 1070, 16GB of RAM, Gigabyte gaming 3 motherboard, and both an ssd and hdd. However when i stream my game feels it has input lag(this makes it almost impossible to play) i also have a 144hz monitor and a 60hz monitor. i need a fix for this!
  12. E

    Question / Help Keyboard Input Lag When Streaming Fortnite

    Hello everyone! I needed help with something that stopped a dream of mine. (lol rip) So basically my dream was to become a successful streamer (probably never gonna happen but I'm not giving up) So my issue is that whenever I stream, my keyboard kind of has input lag if that makes sense...
  13. J

    Question / Help Massive mouse lag in game when streaming.

    I have a strong PC build and my games run perfectly fine. However, when I stream although my fps is stable at 60fps or above, its impossible to play games like Overwatch. As soon as I stream, when I move my mouse in game it takes literally 1-2 seconds for it to register and makes aiming...
  14. M

    Question / Help Input lag whenever obs is started

    Ok so I've looked everywhere for a solution for this problem and nothing has worked. I'll keep it short and sweet here. Whenever I open up obs, doesn't matter if I'm streaming or not, I always have input delay in my games. My stream also tends to look like hot garbage with a ton of stuttering...
  15. M

    Question / Help [ SOLVED ] Input lag on games when opening OBS

    I'm currently using the Streamlabs version, but this used to happen as well on normal OBS. Whenever i open OBS, i detect input lag on keyboard & mouse while playing, (Fortnite at the moment but happens with all games). It's weird since i got a decent PC, specs are: i7 7700K 1080 Ti OC 16GB...
  16. SimBaa

    Question / Help Input lag inside games while streaming

    I get high input latency inside games when I stream them using the software encoder but no lag when using hardware encoder, I'm limited to 2200 bitrate so I need to use the software encoder for decent quality at that bitrate since I'm streaming at 720p30 (I cant go lower than that or the quality...
  17. M

    Question / Help Input Lag

    Hello. I have a rather annoying issue with OBS and i've been researching how to fix this for weeks now. For some reason, I get input lag (in game) while OBS is open, not even recording or streaming, mostly in the mouse. I play mostly first person shooters and I can really notice the difference...