Question / Help OBS causes FPS drops and unbearable input lag in Fortnite


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Whenever I’m streaming Fortnite using OBS, I get FPS drops and input lag (I’m assuming that’s what it’s called.) In case I’m using the wrong term, I’ll just explain it: the FPS is noticeably lower than normal, and there is a significant delay between me doing something on my mouse and keyboard and when it happens in-game.

Without OBS open, my PC can easily run the game on 60 FPS, which is where I set the cap. When streaming on OBS, the game can’t ever hit the cap, and usually sits around 30 or 40 while occasionally dropping below 20. It’s absolutely unbearable trying to make an entertaining stream while the game is reacting a third of a second late and I’m on terrible frames.

Anyone got a fix?