Is there any way to change the host without taking down the live?


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I didn't find this answer so I came to open this question on the forum.

Is there any way to change the OBS host without dropping the live stream?

Example: I'm working on a broadcast project where they do multi-hour marathons, and at some point, we need to change the host computer, because the first one needs maintenance. Is there any way for me to move the broadcast host from PC 1 (OBS) to PC 2 (OBS) equally configured, without the live being dropped/stoped?

I appreciate answers in advance.
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not finding an answer, is in large part, because it isn't a streaming software question.
it entirely depends on the specifics of your streaming service provider (CDN/content delivery network ie YouTube, Facebook, etc). And that is a more advanced features, and the previously mentioned are free services. I'd expect more sophisticated options at a hosting provider that charges for their service
I know some (free) services allow a 'backup' stream source, and you could do something like that (though I don't know how clean a break there would be). Changing stream source computer mid-stream *might* be something a paid service like covers??