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Hi, I'm trying to stream HDR 10 Bit from my laptop. However when I try to use Nvidia NVENC H.264 it doesn't work, and Nvidia NVENC HEVC doesn't show up, but does on the recording encoder. Is it a detection issue, or is it a bug?


Recording in 10 bit is fine, but I stream, and record my content. I also tried changing the GPU selector (Between 0 and 1) none of it seems to work.

- Alain

GPU Part Number: 4735 0010
Driver Version: 516.59

Name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU


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Forgot to attach the actual list showing up. I tried all of the options, and the NVENC H.264 one was the only one giving a generic "Can't perform 10 Bit encode on this Encoder"


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When you select the service to stream to you'll notice it says Youtube - RTMP. Scroll down and select Show All...
Now scroll down once again and select Youtube - HLS
Done. You can now select the HEVC encoder.