Feedback Loop When Streaming


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I have a predicament which I can't seem to figure out. During my live streams, using OBS, I'm getting feedback loop on twitch live video. I have my friend with whom I'm using 'stream together' function on twitch. I say 'hi' and then my friend hears is a bit later. I'm aware some delay is natural on twitch (couple of seconds). Then my friend hears himself talking with a continuous echoes.

Alas, how does one stream on OBS to twitch, have a friend join the live and not get an echoes or feedback delay which stacks. Even though we are in the same 'stream lobby', he is watching from my page (live stream), naturally. Otherwise he couldn't see my live gameplay. I want real time audio as if we were in discord, whilst he is viewing my live stream.

Thanks for taking the time to read and assist me.

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