OBS + atem mini + youtube random audio desync


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Hi Guys, I promise I'll manage to upload my log file, but right now I'm away from the computer which hosts the streaming.

I'm stuck during the setup of a 3 cams streaming in my recording studio.
I have 3 cameras (a gopro hero3, gh5, and panasonic hcv180) connected to my atem mini, audio is coming from my control room with no latency directly into mic1 input set to line level. Audio is delayed 600ms from OBS and if I try to record video locally all seems to be in sync. My plan is to stream to youtube through OBS. When I run my stream for the first time, everything is perfect, audio sync is great. Then I stop the streaming feed on youtube live, stop it locally and restart it.. the result is that the first video playback of the stream is perfect from the second one audio starts to get off sync. I tried different settings by feeding audio into obs using atem mini audio or audio from my audio interface and both situations did'nt solve the problem. I also tried different streaming options, lowering the quality of the stream with different bit settings starting from 4500 to 2500.. tried lowering resolution to 720p.. All my attempts didn't solve the problem, audio on youtube is synched only in the first stream from the second on it just keep getting worse.

The machine I'm using is a late 2013 macbook pro with i5 and 4 cores with 16gb of ram with integrated gpu, internet connection is super stable and my upload rate is 20mb.

Next step will be feeding audio to one camera and see if using it instead of my external audio card or mic1 input from the atem mini will produce better results.