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  1. M

    Problem with the sound and video transmission

    Hello everyone, I stream music via Twitch with a microphone and all. For some time, however, I have had the problem that I have massive sound problems and I don't know what the problem is. The sound comes across as choppy and really bad The microphone is also very quiet and the voice does not...
  2. N

    OBS with ATEM mini not passing audio

    I am new here so forgive me if this is a basic setting that I am missing. ATEM Mini connected to PC with usb-c cable I see the audio coming in on Mic 1 from the mixing board - the path is turned on - all cameras are off. I start OBS, make a scene, add the ATEM device and am able to see video...
  3. N

    Selective Audio Recording in OBS 28.1.2

    We have been livestreaming at our church since March 2020. We recently purchased a brand-new Dell OptiPlex 7000 small form factor computer (Intel Core i7-12700, 32GB RAM, 500GB NVMe drive, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, v21H2) to run the live streaming system. I installed the latest version of OBS...
  4. M

    OBS audio headroom for music.

    Hi, does anyone know how much headroom OBS needs to not distort the audio signal? I am going to livestream a rock concert from my music studio next weekend and we did a test stream yesterday. Everything worked fine except the occasional clip in the audio. The audio is sent from my Pro Tools...
  5. L

    OBS crashes mid-stream and won't process ATEM mini pro as video capture device anymore

    Hi. Today, in the middle of stream, OBS crashed (no scene switch, everything was static), and after rebooting obs, the capture device wouldn't process incoming video from a Blackmagic ATEM Mini pro. I know that the device itself works, because my windows "camera" app correctly handles the...
  6. R

    What hardware do I need to connect 5 cams/inputs or more to my laptop.

    Dear All, I'll try to keep this as short and clear as possible, but it's hard to explain without going into detail. Basically I want to connect 5 (of more) inputs to my laptop and control them within OBS (livestream). In the future there will be a dedicated computer, but not right now. I'm...
  7. Raymond Reise

    ATEM Mini or OBS causing video input to freeze???

    Hi guys hope someone can share some light to me. or some type of knowledge to try and diagnose what could be a missfire on my behalf. Last sunday with my brand new atem mini, I was using a sony a73 going through an HDMI cable extender via Ethernet cable, 20 mts aproximately, this config has not...
  8. L

    using Zoom in OBS with an atem mini and rodecaster.

    Help! All the gear andf NO idea!! I'm trying to use OBS to record my Zoom calls, but the Atem mini will only display video in OBS or Zoom. I can't get the video running in both. I've been mousing around for hours trying to figure it..... Can anybody help? Please Thanks :)
  9. F

    Weird Audio SYNC issues with ATEM Mini

    Audio is way out of sync, but in a non-predictable pattern, making it impossible to sync up using audio delay. Even when the audio source is connected directly to the camera recording the stream (should be perfectly in sync always). Audio is delayed for up to 2-3 seconds, but it's not regular...
  10. B

    OBS + atem mini + youtube random audio desync

    Hi Guys, I promise I'll manage to upload my log file, but right now I'm away from the computer which hosts the streaming. I'm stuck during the setup of a 3 cams streaming in my recording studio. I have 3 cameras (a gopro hero3, gh5, and panasonic hcv180) connected to my atem mini, audio is...
  11. T

    Question / Help No Audio

    Need help. There is no audio from mic on OBS, audio is recording only from camera. The camera (Panasonic Lumix G7) and microphone (Zoom H6) is connected through ATEM mini to PC. Log file: Thanks in advance!
  12. M

    Question / Help ATEM Mini - Audio went Mono with No Sound

    Recently, OBS with my ATEM mini stopped providing sound output. Originally, I setup the ATEM mini as a video capture device and "Use custom audio device" was checked. The audio mixer showed a dual/stereo monitor bar and sound levels were displayed and output. Recently, the sound stopped being...
  13. J

    Question / Help ATEM Mini - No audio option when adding Video Capture Device

    New to OBS, but, I recently got the ATEM Mini, and attempted to add it as a source in OBS. When adding, I created a new device for "Video Capture Device." It successfully adds the video, but with NO option for audio. In reading the forum, I see that when many others add this device, and other...
  14. Y

    Question / Help High CPU usage Black Magic Atem Mini

    Hi. I use 2 ATEM mini switchers and iMac 2019 with 8 core i9 processor and 64GB of Ram. Looks like even in the idle mode each ATEM mini webcam source consumes ~ 45% of the core. If I add two sources (MJPEG Webcam) I have ~100% CPU Core usage and 6-7GB of virtual memory use. That's even if...
  15. Y

    Question / Help High CPU usage with ATEM MINI switcher

    Hi. I use 2 ATEM mini switchers and iMac 2019 with 8 core i9 processor and 64GB of Ram. Looks like even in the idle mode each ATEM mini webcam source consumes ~ 45% of the core. If I add two sources (MJPEG Webcam) I have ~100% CPU Core usage and 6-7GB of virtual memory use. That's even if...
  16. A

    Question / Help Live streaming multicam with more than 5 cameras using Atem mini pro with Obs

    Hello everyone. I am new to streaming in general. I own a music Studio in Greece and we wont to get into live streaming music concerts that they will take place here in our studio. So we are speaking with a very well known musician here in Greece and we are planing to do a very ambitious stream...