Question / Help ATEM Mini - Audio went Mono with No Sound


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Recently, OBS with my ATEM mini stopped providing sound output. Originally, I setup the ATEM mini as a video capture device and "Use custom audio device" was checked. The audio mixer showed a dual/stereo monitor bar and sound levels were displayed and output.

Recently, the sound stopped being displayed. (I'm not sure if an overnight Windows update bit me.) I removed and re-added the ATEM mini along with the custom audio checkbox. Now my audio mixer shows a single/mono monitor bar and no sound is monitored or output.

NOTE: I've set the device for "monitor and output".

I've tried adding the ATEM Mini as a separate devices: Video Capture and Audio Capture. The audio device still shows as a mono bar and there is no monitoring nor is there any output. Yes. I set the audio device for "monitor and output"

NOTE: The ATEM control software from Blackmagic shows stereo audio monitoring on it's audio meters.

Last bit of info... Device Manager shows two things: the ATEM Mini as an ATEM (with a Blackmagic driver). It also shows a Blackmagic device with a Windows driver. The latter seems to be the microphone.

Has anyone seen this? What is the fix for getting stereo audio into OBS?


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I had the same issue. I just Set the Black Magic Atem Mini as an Input for "Mic/aux- Audio 2. This worked for me.