Recording / streaming a video and commenting it (youtube or local file) shows an image every X seconds only


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Hi all,

Logfile Link:

I am sorry for the 'strange' title, but I honestly couldn't find other words to describe my problem.

I am pretty ok with creating scenes and sources, but when it comes to the video / audio advanced settings of OBS, I have to say it can get a bit 'difficult' for me.

I actually want to stream videos where I do reviews of youtube videos, and also stream video games (valorant).
To test, what I do is I do a video recording, and check if the quality is good enough. If ok, I will stream it.

In all my tests (done on recording), each time I play a youtube video and do some comments about it (with webcam integration).
The footage of the webcam is perfectly fine, and everything I am displaying on screen is also fine (using simple Dsiplay Capture). Once the recording done, and I watch the video, the part of where I show the youtube video, the youtube video only looks like it shows only 1 image out of 20 or so. But everything else I show on screen is perfectly smooth.

Originally, I thought it was due to my pc beeing to slow (Intel I5 CPU). So I updated my config and are running a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X now.
I do have a AMD RX570
32GB of Ram (2400mhz)
and I am sending the recoding to a internal M.2 1TB (D: drive).
The C: drive is another internal M.2 1TB stick.

Can you guys confirm that my setup is ok for this kind of thing?

I tried a few different tutorials from youtube in order to fine tune my OBS settings. But it looks like I never got it right. Up to a point that I am cluless of what I should do next, and this might even push me of stop streaming if I can't get it fixed :/

Help and guidance would be really really appreciated!

ps: I made a video showing the problem. Zipped, it is 16MB, but I can't upload it on the forum as it is too big. Any recommended platform where I could upload the video to to help give you guys more information?