lost frames

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    I have recorded a 3hr session and at times when i miss something, i go back to the video to have a look. The audio is good but the video is laggy or frames are missing! i cannot go back and re-record as it was an exam. How do i recover those lost or missing frames??? Log file...
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    Recorded video is very choppy. Audio is fine.

    Good morning all, I've been tasked at work with recording some Zoom meetings and my boss wanted me to use OBS as a backup. I did this for the first time last week and I looked back at the recording just now. The audio is perfectly fine but the video is just kind of a series of frozen frames...
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    Recording / streaming a video and commenting it (youtube or local file) shows an image every X seconds only

    Hi all, Logfile Link: https://obsproject.com/logs/OxkgWqXw3VRjmICP I am sorry for the 'strange' title, but I honestly couldn't find other words to describe my problem. I am pretty ok with creating scenes and sources, but when it comes to the video / audio advanced settings of OBS, I have to...
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    Question / Help Lost Video becuase it only recorded one frame? Can it be saved?

    I've been using OBS for a while now and haven't had many problems before. Today, I recorded using OBS Studios on Minecraft (full screen) for a project and was successful with my first take. From then on though, when I started recording it seemed fine, but the videos produced after stopping the...
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    Question / Help Lost frames due to encoding delay (with newest AMD CPU) OBS Studio

    Hey guys and friends; just bought the new system. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (CPU) 32GB RAM AMD RX 5700XT (GPU) 1TB SSD M2 ASROCK TAICHI x470 Mainboard and i run OBS STUDIO - i use the CPU (x264) Encoder with CPU preset (medium) and Profile HIGH. Just like everything which Twitch wants me to, stream...
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    Question / Help Issue with x264 encoding (i7 8700k)

    Hello, I'm having a strange issue with encoding and i hope you could help me with this. I was trying to make a high quality record of the game. When i'm using GPU (NVENC encoder) the result video is very clear and running smooth. The only issue is that it takes like ~20% of its computing power...