Question / Help Lost Video becuase it only recorded one frame? Can it be saved?


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I've been using OBS for a while now and haven't had many problems before. Today, I recorded using OBS Studios on Minecraft (full screen) for a project and was successful with my first take. From then on though, when I started recording it seemed fine, but the videos produced after stopping the recording only played one frame. It isn't even stuck on a single frame of the video recorded, all videos except my first take are stuck on one frame on the second recorded video. I spent a lot of time recording this for this project and may not have time to retake everything. All of the audio of the game was recorded, but the video does not show anything but the blasted pause screen of Minecraft. I saw on another thread saying that full screen with OBS doesn't work, but it worked perfectly fine for the first recorded clip. Is there a way I can recover the videos which are stuck on one frame? I would greatly appreciate help on this ASAP. An example of one of my logs is posted as an attach file.


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Download and install the latest OBS from the site. Your build is more than two years old.

23:19:25.542: OBS 20.0.1 (64bit, windows)


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Probably not. What you see is what OBS recorded. There is nothing else in the video except what you see.

Narcogen pointed to the update to get you an OBS version that is more likely to capture your game than the old one on a retake.

For the retake: before you actually do your retake, make test recordings and verify that you really record what you want to record. That means, you fire up your game, record some gameplay, and check in a media player that there is really the gameplay present.

If you did this already and your tests ran fine, but your actual recordings did not, post one of the logfiles that contain such a failed recording. The log you posted only contains a 2 second recording, probably a test. And don't post every log you have - please post exactly one log with one failed recording. I, for my part, will not tediously search through several logfiles without knowing which session in what logfile may actually exhibit your problem - or not.