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  1. M

    Image shaking in obs and in the app no

    Hello everyone, I have a complicated problem with my image. I'm using a t6i camera connected by HDMI to the PC on an Elgato Cam Link Pro capture card. Using the company's software (4K Capture Utility) the image is clean, without the risks in the image and in OBS it is totally different, the...
  2. NayzZaK11

    My windows and screen (freezes) and gets stuck when I open OBS يتجمد الوندوز عندما افتح الاوبي اس

    Hello!... I have a problem for a while, I don't know if the problem is in the hardware or the software The problem repeatedly hinders my work and this thing is bothering me a lot, **MY PROBLEM** When I run the OBS, Suddenly the screen turns black and the keyboard and mouse turn off completely...
  3. Synergist

    Yadif x2 frame double deinterlace stops after a while?

    I have a setup where I'm capturing an interlaced source inside OBS from a capture card, applying a filter to do double Yadif deinterlacing (producing 50 progressive frames from the 25i source) then sending over NDI within OBS, as well as producing an audio only NDI source with the audio effect...
  4. C

    Audio But No Video From Game Capture

    Hello, I'm a new OBS user and I've run into some trouble right from the get go! My goal is to use OBS to record game captures from old consoles like the PS2 and gamecube. I am using a Rubu capture card, which OBS recognizes as AV to USB 2.0. I am able to get the audio working just fine, but the...
  5. T

    Sped up footage.

    Does anyone know why? The footage is recording a bit faster than it should and I don't know the problem. I record on a mac, usually minecraft.
  6. K

    Slight lagging/chopping while recording

    I am currently trying to record some off ride shots of a rollercoaster in planet coaster which is made pretty impossible by just that slight lagging that makes the footage unusable. Attached I have my logs My settings are: Canvas and Scaled Resolution 1920 x 1080 FPS: 60 Downscale Filter...
  7. N

    Footage gets messed up in video editor

    Hey guys! I'm having a problem with my footage that I've recorded with OBS. Over at the MagiX forums they told me post my issue here, as it seems to be something with the OBS settings. Since its hard for me to put my issue into words i recorded my issue: Video is...
  8. S

    Question / Help 0 kb/s after 10 min moreless streaming

    I don't know why my streaming goes to 0kb/s when i am streaming for 5 or 10 min. This is my setting (tweet) and i am streaming at 720p 30fps. I think it is a problem of my internet company but i don't really know...
  9. S

    Question / Help Lost Video becuase it only recorded one frame? Can it be saved?

    I've been using OBS for a while now and haven't had many problems before. Today, I recorded using OBS Studios on Minecraft (full screen) for a project and was successful with my first take. From then on though, when I started recording it seemed fine, but the videos produced after stopping the...
  10. X

    Question / Help Stream is crashed into short parts.

    Good afternoon. Faced a problem when recording a stream on Twitch. Stream in Twitch why the recorded without understanding sound, and stream on hard disk my computer has breath, but together stream duration 1 hour he crashed on what parts of. These parts are 3 minutes long and there is a lot of...
  11. C

    Question / Help Where are my recordings ?

    Every time i record something the recording does not get saved as a video ? Instead it gets saved as this...
  12. V

    Question / Help Can't start recording
  13. M

    Question / Help OBS vs NVIDIA experience

    Hello guys, I have o problem with OBS, when i am trying record a game. I was using NVIDIA experience, but I bought a new webcam (logitech C920), so I must cross to OBS. When I am trying record a FIFA 19 on NVIDIA, it is not a problem do it in 1920x1080 60 FPS. But when i try it with OBS, the...
  14. X

    Question / Help Gv Usb2 showing blue screen on OBS/No Signal maybe?

    I need help. The title is as it says, I think that there might not be any signal. I am using a PS3 as my console and using composite cables in the TV's AV ports. Any suggestions?
  15. Hubi [PL]

    Question / Help I have problems with Obs i have black screen and nothing rly helping me

    im using gaming laptop with two monitors. i have geforce gtx960m i don't have idea what else can i do. i need help ! i love streaming on obs.
  16. MI10710Official

    Question / Help green screen in recording

    when i record the game its fine but when i watch it then theres green Game:fnaf fangame
  17. V

    Question / Help Having problems with streming in YouTube

    Hi everyone, First of all sorry for my english I'm not a native speaker. I'm desperated with OBS Studio: i'm trying to do a stream of Generation Zero on YouTube, but i've tested most of all configurations and the video doesn't seem fluid. - I've tried changing between Nvenc, x264 and QuickSync...
  18. A

    Question / Help My game recording are lagging even though my game is not.

    I recently downloaded OBS and started using it. This is honestly my first time actually experiencing the software and kinda need help. I was trying to record my game and it was all good but then I went to play it back and noticed the video was lagging/fragmented. The sound was completely fine...