My windows and screen (freezes) and gets stuck when I open OBS يتجمد الوندوز عندما افتح الاوبي اس


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I have a problem for a while, I don't know if the problem is in the hardware or the software
The problem repeatedly hinders my work and this thing is bothering me a lot,

When I run the OBS,
Suddenly the screen turns black and the keyboard and mouse turn off completely (Everything freezes)
When I wait for a few minutes, the program opens, but I must restart it again in order for it to work well

Most of the time I get a crash message from AMD adrenalin ..

I deleted the graphics card driver and downloaded the latest update, but that didn't work
I also downloaded a new version of Windows and that didn't work
Tried running it as administrator and the problem is still the same
I did everything I could do even I tried to change all the graphics card settings to no avail

Is there any way to help please?
I have attached all the files




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