Question / Help Stream is crashed into short parts.


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Good afternoon. Faced a problem when recording a stream on Twitch. Stream in Twitch why the recorded without understanding sound, and stream on hard disk my computer has breath, but together stream duration 1 hour he crashed on what parts of. These parts are 3 minutes long and there is a lot of unscripted stream between them. At all not the first time face with problem,that stream on what either platform( Twitch, Mixer or My the PC) 't share on parts of stream on 2-3 minutes, instead one a long records (hour), and half of stream between these short Scotlands deaf.
1) Why are videos divided into short fragments (2-3minutes), what can it be connected with?
2)Why could the sound on Twitch, although the first broadcast was checked all was well?

Configuration my computer Ryzen 5 2600, AMD RX 580 8Gb, ram 8Gb, Windows 10. I often stream via OBS to (Twitch and Mixer)


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[Цитата= "Narcogen, сообщение: 423207, участник: 22467"] пожалуйста, опубликуйте журнал с вашим вопросом! Вот как это делается...[/Цитата]
Но после того, как поток с авариями, был еще один без них (через 30 минут), я не знаю, были ли ошибки записаны в журнал. Сделано все так, как написано


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22:18:17.519: [AMF] <Id: 5> Input Queue is full, encoder is overloaded!
22:18:17.708: [AMF] <Id: 5> No output Packet, encoder is overloaded!

I'm not very familiar with AMF but this looks to me like your card is overloaded and the encoder crashed.