1. P

    More keys for Shortcuts

    Hi I would like have more shortcuts it seems it's not yet possible so: should be great to can use DX buttons and make a difference between Lctrl, Rctrl, Lshift, Rshift, Alt and Alt Gr Best regards
  2. P

    Shortcuts / hotkeys for online web docks

    Hi, I've developed a dynamic lower third consisting of a control panel to be used as a dock and a "receiver page" to be used as a browser source / overlay. The two communicate via Broadcast Channels in javascript. I've also implemented basic hotkey functionalities in javascript in the control...
  3. xaer_dev

    Shortcuts/Hotkeys not working with "virtual" keyboard

    Hello everyone! I am trying to create from scratch a 4 key controller to use it as a scene controller using an arduino uno and some python scripting, but I am having a little problem. When pressing a button on my controller I translate that key press in 4 different "shortcuts" using the...
  4. R

    CTRL+F1 and F1 shortcuts both trigger F1 (CTRL+F1=F1)

    Hello I'm using move transition plugin with complexe set of shortcuts If you have two move source filters, one triggered by F1 push the other triggered by CTRL+F1, when you press CTRL+F1 shortcut then both move source filters are triggered instead of the CTRL+F1 triggered scene only
  5. J

    Question / Help Is there any keyboard shortcuts to start and stop recordings?

    I am looking for a more efficient way of starting and stopping recordings but havent found one yet. Is there any shortcut keys on the keyboard to: Start recording Stop recording Thanks
  6. X

    Question / Help Stream is crashed into short parts.

    Good afternoon. Faced a problem when recording a stream on Twitch. Stream in Twitch why the recorded without understanding sound, and stream on hard disk my computer has breath, but together stream duration 1 hour he crashed on what parts of. These parts are 3 minutes long and there is a lot of...
  7. D

    Question / Help How to immediately delete last recording and where is the pause feature and shortcuts?

    Hi, I need help for basic features that I miss in OBS I am doing a lot of takes (recordings of the same scene) for some review videos and often I do mistakes and want to immediately delete the last take and re-record a new one. It is very time consuming to always open up the recording folder...
  8. G

    Serial rs232 module for shortcuts

    would good if obs gets a serial imput mode for shortcuts independent of keyboard. example: if it receive byte 00101100 { smooth cut } .