Question / Help How to immediately delete last recording and where is the pause feature and shortcuts?


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I need help for basic features that I miss in OBS

I am doing a lot of takes (recordings of the same scene) for some review videos and often I do mistakes and want to immediately delete the last take and re-record a new one.

It is very time consuming to always open up the recording folder which has no shortcut as well in OBS and from hundreds of recordings find the right one and manually delete all the bad ones.

I could not find any shortcut for that in OBS. Does anyone know how to do that or has a script that can solve?

Basically while recording a button that says STOP RECORDING AND DELETE RECORDED FILE

Another part the is missing is a RECORDING PAUSE button.

When doing video reviews, sometimes a web page or installation process to demonstrate takes forever to load or I have to look up something before continuing the review. and I do not want that part int he video. Is there a button or script for that?

Of course you can do all these in editing but every single audio recorder has a pause feature and why going back to watch all things over and over and find the part that needs an edit when I could do that just right while recording.

I believe this is are very basic feature that are very usefully for many people doing recordings and I am wondering why it is not integrated.
Instead I see Python and things that go far beyond regular use.

Any ideas, any Python that can solve that or shortcuts?

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I would also really, really appreciate having a recording cancel button, it would save me a whole lot of effort.

Replay buffer has a big blindspot, as in, if I want to save relevant highlights I have to set the duration to something low, say 30 seconds, yet what if I want to record a whole round that's say 4 minutes, but also have the ability to save those short relevant 30 second highlights (which saves time by not having to watch through large clips to see what's worthwhile in them). The only thing I could do is start recording at the beginning of a round, and stop at the end, the big weakness there, is all the rounds that won't be worth saving at all, and by doing it in such a way I'd have an ever-growing folder of rounds, most of them not being worthwhile, and I'd then have to look through all of them when not playing a match.

The alternative to that, is recording at the beginning of each round, and if it was a bad round, just being able to hit the cancel button, and press record again at the begging of the new round, and now the only files that would actually stay would be the worthwhile rounds, without me having to look through all of them because I'd know if they're there that means they were worth keeping, and I'd be able to do such a system, to keep good longer content, while still having a replay buffer hotkey to clip short highlights, and that's why I'd appreciate such a tool so much.