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  1. S

    Absurdly large file size at 120 fps recordings

    I have my OBS set up to record at 120 fps (for post production reasons) and a 2 minute long video is over 2 GB and in some cases goes over 5GB too. Is there any way to make it smaller or is this a normal size for 120 fps recordings? I save it in mkv and then remux it to mp3, I also use CQP at...
  2. C

    OBS Won't Recogise Camera (SONY HANDYCAM HI-8)

    Hi all, Thank you so much for your support. I'm having some trouble getting my analog footage onto my Macbook. Some technical information first: I have a 2015 Macbook air and it is updated to the latest Big-Sur, so I have downloaded the appropriate eversion of OBS. The camera is a 90s Sony...
  3. L

    Stream crashes (twitch) but obs still shows I'm live?

    Hello i have been streaming for quite some time i used to use streamlabs and had the same issue with crashing but getting no lag or information notifying or warning me that a crash was coming. So i moved to OBS thinking it could be the program and it happens here also. i have pretty constant...
  4. R

    OBS preview windows not drawing anything (trasparent)

    Earlier today I installed some plugins for OBS and switched form the snap version to my native package manager's version (cuz plugins no run in snap duh). Installation worked fine but all the preview windows appear to be transparent eg. not drawing. Here is an image what this looks like. Here is...
  5. T

    audio is fine but recording is all in freeze frames and short areas of around 5 fps log file above. hello everyone! This is my first time on the OBS forums as there has never been a problem before hand. This time however, things have not gone so well. I first had OBS on my old laptop which was and intel/nvidea set up. Recently...
  6. H

    I have a 3840 x 2160 but it only give me the option to choose 2194x1234 and lower

    I've recently got a new PC and downloaded OBS the download went all well, I was doing all my settings to make sure to record at 4k as I got my new PC to record in 4k and found that I can't change my Resolution to 4k. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it but that didn't help, this is very...
  7. R

    Using OBS makes looking around in minecraft look choppy as if im using a low polling rate mouse

    My problem is that when i have OBS open, looking around in minecraft looks like im using a 50 polling rate mouse. This is when i simply have OBS open NOT recording although its the same when recording, when OBS is closed the problem does not occur and looking around in the game is fine and looks...
  8. E

    I need help I'm confused

    so i can stream a game obs thats good but when i add a new scene and then a new game capture I cant see the screen and to give more info i can stream, i stream minecraft and it works perfectly fine but when i try again on another scene and source it docent work, I did try the display capture...
  9. G

    Audio and Game Capture Issues

    Audio lags and stutters from alerts. Gameplay is delayed by half a second.
  10. G

    Help with sound (OBS fresh install)

    So I installed obs but when i record the sound is distorted and has no "depth". Im pretty sure it has something to do with the ?audio mixer card? since i installed obs once and got it working but im not sure... A link to a guide or video would be much appreciated log files...
  11. R

    Question / Help Best settings for my setup?

    Here are my pc specs: And is my ping/download/upload Hope there is enough info included, all help is appreciated.
  12. H

    Question / Help Things crashing while recording Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I think I have a large amount of issues to discuss and will be hopefully updating this soon but here’s my main issue, whenever I am recording csgo one of three things will happen 1.BSOD-the biggest and worst problem 2.OBS Crash-it says an error occurred I will upload the crash log when I get...
  13. R

    Question / Help CPU overload cant stream what do i do??

    So when i stream on obs i get encoder overload and I never had this problem until now so i am really lost tried everything these are my specs I am really lost i have also read since i have an i9 the graphics card i have now is no good now i really need i am so lost GeForce RTX 2060 intel(R)...
  14. Ziggler Games

    Question / Help Some applications are not captured.

    Witaj, wiesz, dlaczego niektóre aplikacje nie są przechwytywane przez przechwytywanie okna lub pulpitu? Dlaczego, kiedy włączam przechwytywanie gry, nie chcę przechwytywać żadnych gier, ani w oknie, ani na pełnym ekranie? Mam najnowszą wersję.
  15. S

    Question / Help PLease help I have one problem Help.

    I just set OBS up everything looks fine I record but Mic/Audio doesn’t get recorded in the files EVEN though it’s audio mixer bar is going up, please help.
  16. T

    Bug Report No Properties Visible for Audio Devices

    Hello, I am running the test build of 24.0.3 for Mac, but have verified this happens on the 24.0.2 version for me as well. I am having audio sync issues and I read that disabling the "Use Device Timestamps" feature under the properties of the audio device could fix that. However, when I open...
  17. A

    Question / Help There Are Beep Sounds in Background

    I streamed a few times before and i never had the same problem but today, there were beep sounds in the background, i dont use mic only the game (dead cells), spotify and slobs were opened. I closed slobs and open it again but beeping didnt stop. Please help me solve this problem, thanks.
  18. P

    Question / Help manually update or restore previous version

    Is there a way to manually update the latest version of obs? I updated obs today and apparently, it updated to version 23.2.1 while at least that's what the file version says. Since I did the update obs no longer works. It says my GPU is not supported or my graphics drivers need updating which...
  19. N

    Question / Help OBS keeps crashing with weird reports

    My OBS Studio randomly crashes with these errors, I'd appreciate any help!
  20. Impairation

    Question / Help OBS AMF Out of Memory need help

    I have a big problem since i bought the GPU: RX 580. To the problem: Everytime when i want stream it runs everything smooth but i get for a few seconds a strange lag like he try's to buffering the system and the complete System sound/Gamesound is away. Things that i already try'd: - Completly...