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  1. G

    Question / Help Encoding Error Overload on Gaming PC?

    Hi guys! I'm hoping someone can help! I record Sims 4 Let's Play's for Youtube and use Camtasia Studio 8 to edit these videos, but OBS to record. I'm running an i-5 8400, 8gb of RAM (Another 8 is on it's way) I have the GTX 1060 (3GB) and a 500GB SSD 1TB HDD. My game is installed on my SSD...
  2. K

    Question / Help NEED HELP!!!

    using a macbook air to stream
  3. Ben80p

    Question / Help Help w/ disconnect after 1-hour of streaming

    First off, I've been using OBS for a few years now, and I previously haven't had this problem. I've moved around a lot and took a break from streaming, essentially starting over from the ground up. I'm running into a problem where my stream cuts out after exactly 1-hour of being live. I...
  4. O

    Question / Help Trying to figure out the problem...

    Hello I have decided to recently upgrade my internet package and buy a new gaming computer as I really want to try and stream. Unfortunately, I am still running into issues with streaming. I would like to stream with OBS to Youtube, however the quality and connection is terrible, with about...
  5. R

    Question / Help Very Choppy Video

    So I've been fiddle farting around with OBS four a few weeks. When I after I finished recording the video file that's created is very choppy with quite a bit of stuttering. I've lowered my output resolution to 720p and have tried tweaking around with the settings to no avail, understand I'm sure...
  6. Stream Advisor

    Question / Help I have had this problem over a year now please help me!!

    My problem : When i stream or record a game. The recording or the stream wil look choppy, the frames are weird. Sometimes there is pixelation as wel. CPU : i7-8700k ( Water cooled ) GPU : GTX 2070 RAM : 32 SSD 250 GB HDD 1 TB All of my games and my os system are installed on my SSD. I really...
  7. P

    Question / Help Streaming freeze and frame rate drop

    I recently brought a new computer for the purpose of streaming and gaming when I try and run games like mordhau and destiny 2 (on max settings) the obs and game run fine at 60 frames but the playback on twitch is either frozen of very laggy. I have an upload speed of 16 and i constantly have...
  8. K

    Question / Help Can't Change Resolution on Capture Properties Panel

    I'm using OBS to capture my iPAD screen for tutorials. Quicktime and ScreenFlow are capturing the screen with a low resolution and I want to use OBS to capture the screen at its native 2148x1538 resolution. However the Properties section when setting up the device capture has only one Preset...
  9. N

    Question / Help OBS Keep crashing. HELP!

    Hello, My OBS Studio can't stop crashing when i tried to stream and record, I don't use x264 because my CPU is very weak for both of it. I use H264 / AMD. Currently I have RX 550 4GB and Intel i5 2400 @ 3.10Ghz. I tried Re-installing OBS, updating my AMD Drivers to the latest update, last time...
  10. P

    Question / Help hello guys!

    i am new to obs,i have a problem when i want to start recording i press my hotkey and it always says:invalid path or connection url. please check your settings to confirm that they are valid does anyone have a solution for this?
  11. B

    Question / Help my steaming disconnecting every 1-2 hours not reconnect

    Now I live on Facebook. But streaming disconnecting every 1-2 hours NO RECONNECT Help plz / Thank you
  12. S

    Question / Help Getting rendering lag using NDI when recording/streaming

    Hi, I am trying to use NDI to stream my gameplay for recording/streaming to a secondary PC on my network. I am getting a shit ton of rendering lag on OBS on my gaming pc. There is no encoding lag from what i can see. This is my setup and how i connect the devices. Game PC: Motherboard...
  13. L

    Question / Help I need Help

    Do you know how to overlay game capture ontop of display capture Using OBS
  14. J

    Question / Help Lag

    When playing, I like to have high frames to keep up with my refresh rate(240hz), although when I am on OBS and I have any more than 60 FPS my OBS and stream lag like crazy. Is there a way to fix this? Or do have to play a 60 FPS?
  15. FearDEZ

    Question / Help x264 for some reason is worse than New Nvenc for me

    for some reason my x264 at 720p, 6000 bit-rate, fast, 60fps (ryzen 5 2nd gen) looks worse than my NEW NVENC at 720p, 6000 bit-rate, max quality 60fps (gt 730) like isn't that supposed to be the other way around, pls help. I've tried everything including (flashing the bios, driver updates...
  16. E

    Question / Help Streaming on AMD switchable graphics laptop! Questions

    I'm streaming from a laptop but it has AMD switchable graphics, so in order to get 'display capture' source not to show as a black screen I believe I am required to run on the power saving option (on board graphics) However by doing this whenever I get an alert or use a .webm file I Get huge FPS...
  17. A

    Question / Help Decklink Quad HDMI Recorder from Blackmagic

    Hello! I was wondering that does this capture cards 4 independent lanes work on OBS. Practically speaking does OBS recognize all the 4 different inputs when trying to identify/add as an source? I would like to mix and match few signals and chroma key them so that's why i'm wondering that can...
  18. Moth

    Question / Help Trying to stream CS:GO

    PC Specs: Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor Graphics: GeForce GTX 970(2,but I'm only using 1 so I can do borderless windowed gaming) Ram: 16GB - G.Skill DDR4 Trident Z Royal Silver 3200Mhz Motherboard: ASUS Prime X470-Pro Download: 66 Mbps Upload: 10 Mbps I use Streamlabs OBS and I can't...
  19. L

    Question / Help Massive frame drops ONLY with original Skyrim

    Log file: Hello Everyone, First off, Im new here and I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this, I will glady repost elsewhere if need be. As the title indicates, I get massive frame drops but only with the original Skyrim (meaning not Skyrim...
  20. S

    Question / Help setup luncher pause please help

    hello when im trying to open the setup luncher im pausing for me please help thx.