Stream crashes (twitch) but obs still shows I'm live?


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Hello i have been streaming for quite some time i used to use streamlabs and had the same issue with crashing but getting no lag or information notifying or warning me that a crash was coming. So i moved to OBS thinking it could be the program and it happens here also. i have pretty constant internet at between 80-100 down/ 8-11 up. but i ended up giving up and stopped streaming until i got a new pc and now i have one with a rtx 3070/ 32 gb of ram , a intel i7 10th gen if ya need more info i can get. But it still happens idk what to do, it can crash within mins or hours, there is no warning it still says live the only way i know it has crashed is my bitrate shoes zero or chat tells me then i go to twitch and my streams down but then i have to end the stream in obs because it thinks im still live. I'm just lost and i cant find any ware to git info. i do have a new computer and have only tried to stream once so this is all the logs i have. thanks for the help!


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