crashing when streaming

  1. AmieraV

    OBS crashing at inconsistent points

    Hi there! I have absolutely no idea what's happening with my OBS. It has been working fine for months, then it just suddenly starts having problems out of nowhere. Things I did right before this started happening: I updated my graphics driver (and then again the day after, still didn't solve...
  2. C

    OBS Closing On Its Own Mid-Stream (logs attached)

    The past two nights while streaming, OBS completely shut down, no recognition of a crash from windows(ie: OBS not responding). Only one resulting with a crash log. Almost like OBS shut down on its own. Yet, there was still an open task in task manager. I have attached the log file, and the...
  3. SprinkleMush

    OBS crashing streams mid stream

    So, I've been using OBS for sometime now, but recently it has been start to crash my streams while I stream. my obs freezes, I have to Alt + F4 to restart it or through task manager, it is quite annoying. I have been looking up tutorial, I have redownloaded it multiple times but nothing has...
  4. J

    OBS Randomly Crashing

    Hey all! I have been an OBS user for several years and am encountering a new issue. Since last night my OBS has started randomly crashing and I am unsure why. I have tried looking at the logs but none of it makes sense to me. I have not changed anything recently, with the exception of the latest...
  5. K

    OBS Closing on its own. (Logs attached)

    Hello there, I have run into an issue where OBS will simply close while streaming. No lag, stutter or indication whatsoever is present before OBS simply closes. It does appear to be providing Crash Logs which I have attached. I have not overclocked anything on this PC. Note* I am using a...
  6. R

    OBS Constantly Crashing

    Hi all. Every time I try to stream, OBS has been nonstop crashing since November of last year for me. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, uploading my logs for analyzing and fixing any critical issues, but it always crashes. It seems to be at random intervals. Sometimes it'll be fine for up...
  7. smartmonkey3042

    OBS crashing at random times

    Please help! My church is using OBS to stream their services and OBS randomly crashes in the middle of the service (e.g. after 30 minutes, maybe sometimes after 1 hour or even 10 minutes). I think it has something to do with the vcruntime140.dll file. It also says that the OBS graphics thread...
  8. B

    Obs Crashing

    Been having issues with crashing for a long time but only just decided to do something about it, i put in the 2 most recent crash logs. I'm not really sure how to read these so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. L

    Need help with OBS crashing please!!

    Hi OBS community! Today I am in need of your guidance and superior knowledge to tackle an issue that has been doing my head in for a while now! OBS keeps crashing all the time, I feel like it happens after changing scene but I might be wrong! I have enclosed the last three crash log files in...
  10. Vernon Polius

    My stream keeps crashing everytime I alt+tab

    I am a warzone streamer and I am currently experiencing an issue where every time I alt tab, my stream crashes. OBS stays open but the connection to twitch seems to drop and takes forever to reconnect, and sometimes it does not reconnect at all. I have attached 2 of the logs from when this...
  11. RTTWA

    Obs crashing while streaming, plz help :c

    I tried re install all things but seems not work, some one can help me?
  12. L

    Stream crashes (twitch) but obs still shows I'm live?

    Hello i have been streaming for quite some time i used to use streamlabs and had the same issue with crashing but getting no lag or information notifying or warning me that a crash was coming. So i moved to OBS thinking it could be the program and it happens here also. i have pretty constant...
  13. J

    Keeps on Crashing

    Hi everyone! I'm using OBS for church service livestreams. CCTV is our means of capturing in-house video. Since I did some changes with the scenes and hardware, the OBS keeps on crashing. Update from v25 to v26 Upgraded to 32 GB RAM Changed to SSD RTSP to Window Capture of the CCTV Application...