OBS crashing at inconsistent points


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Hi there!
I have absolutely no idea what's happening with my OBS. It has been working fine for months, then it just suddenly starts having problems out of nowhere.

Things I did right before this started happening:
I updated my graphics driver (and then again the day after, still didn't solve the issue)
I added a new twitch redeem using Triggerfyre (plays a very short sound clip and a 8 second gif)

My CPU and GPU both barely reach any high numbers during gameplay or even during loading times yet somehow, usually when either OBS or a game crashes, the other will crash after when I restart whatever crashed (either immediately or after 5 minutes or something)

I am currently testing if disabling the redeem will fix anything

I have reinstalled OBS, refreshed my Graphics card and updated other unrelated programs in hopes that it'll fix this.
I am on Windows 11 and at my wits end with this. This is a 'final solution' type deal posting here

Here's the log! https://obsproject.com/logs/57LI7j7gov5O84yh