Absurdly large file size at 120 fps recordings


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I have my OBS set up to record at 120 fps (for post production reasons) and a 2 minute long video is over 2 GB and in some cases goes over 5GB too. Is there any way to make it smaller or is this a normal size for 120 fps recordings? I save it in mkv and then remux it to mp3, I also use CQP at around 20.

Tomasz Góral

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mp3 (is only for audio) or mp4 ?
Size of video file is selected by user and his settings.
CQP it is characterized by constant compression quality - the number of bits varies per second, it all depends on the complexity of the image.
If you want to achieve a fixed number of bits or a maximum number of bits, use a different CBR or VBR encoder, both have finite bit-per-second values.